How to Refill JUUL Pods - Step by Step Guide

JUUL stands out as the leading and most popular pod system in today's vaping landscape. Its unique and sleek, non-cylindrical design sets it apart from the rest. One of the best features of refillable JUUL pods is their versatility in accommodating a variety of e-juices, including salt-nic and other flavors of your choice. While JUUL pods can be refilled with pre-made options, you also have the option to refill them at home. Refilling JUUL pods may initially present some challenges, but this article will guide you through the process step by step, making it a breeze.

Refilling your vape pods is a straightforward task that takes just 4-5 minutes. Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide to assist you in the process. Simply follow these instructions for easy pod refilling.

1. Take the cap off

To begin, removing the cap from the JUUL pod can be a bit challenging. You may find it helpful to use a small screwdriver to gently pry the cap off the pod.

  • Take a screwdriver and place it under cap:
  • There is a plastic cap on the JUUL pod and a hole on the side of it. Put the screwdriver gently under that hole and take it up. Beware, it does not break.
  • Don't break the little opener:
  • The hole between the lid needs to be pressurized to be open, but do not open it forcefully. Repeat the same process from the other side too and open the cap from both sides.
  • Grab and open the lid:
  • If you have done the previous steps, you will see some movement there in the lid. Grab it until the cap opens.

2. Remove the silicone cover

Once you've successfully removed the lid, the next step can be a bit tricky: taking off the silicone cover immediately after lid removal. This silicone cover serves as a protective barrier to prevent the vape e-juice from spilling.

  1. To remove the silicone cover, use a tool or a small screwdriver. Insert the tool between the pod and the silicone cover, then secure a grip. Once you have a firm hold, gently wiggle the silicone cover out.
  2. Gently use your hands to get a firm grip on the silicone cover, then remove it quickly.

3. Clean out the JUUL pod

After removing the silicone cover, it is time to clean out the JUUL pod and the left e-juice from it. Remove the left e-juice from pod to paper and then clean it by following steps:

  • Utilize cotton swabs that have been saturated with rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently squeeze the cotton swab to remove any excess alcohol from the pod.
  • Thoroughly clean every contact point and corner within the pod.
  • Insert it in the reverse direction and allow it to dry.
  • Refill JUUL pod with e-liquid.

4. Refill cartridge with e-juice

With the JUUL pod cleaned, it's time for an e-juice refill. You can use salt-nic e-juice or any other juice of your choice. Experience enhanced vaping pleasure through salt-nic refills, made even simpler with disposable cartridges for your vape.

When refilling, fill the pod up to the empty areas in both left and right columns. Ensure you don't overfill, stopping at 3/4 capacity to prevent potential leaks.

5. Put on the silicone cover and cap

After filling e-juice, now it is time to close the vape pod again. Now, take the silicone cover and put it on the vape pod with the 75% e-juice and squeeze it before closing the silicone cover.

After closing the silicone cover, now close the black cap and put it on the lid. Press it with little pressure until you hear the click sound. This sound will prove to you that the lid and vape pod are closed, and you are done with the refilling of the vape pod.

6. Start vaping with favorite e-juice

Now, following these straightforward steps, you're ready to savor the e-juice flavor of your choice. Take a moment to double-check that your vape pods are free from any leaks before you indulge in your vaping experience. If you encounter any difficulties or uncertainties during the refilling process, you can always revisit the previously mentioned points for comprehensive and clear guidance, ensuring that your refilling journey remains hassle-free.

How many times can you refill JUUL pod?

A JUUL pod can be refilled 3-4 times usually. If you refill and clean your vape pod after some days, you can extend the possibility of refilling JUUL vape pod. Moreover, you can refill the JUUL vape pod when you feel a burning smell from the pod, which means that it is time to stop refilling the vape pod. It also depends on the choice of your vape juice and how you reattach it because some pods start giving a burning coil after filling it two times.

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