JUUL is the most popular and trending pod system nowadays. It has a unique, non-cylindrical, and sleek design to all its vape pods. Moreover, the best of JUUL pods is that it can be refilled by the juice of your choice. JUUL pods can be refilled by salt NIC and many other e-juices of your choice. JUUL pods can be refillable by ready-made vape pods, but you can also refill these pods at home. There will be some difficulties in starting in refilling JUUL pods. If you are facing such difficulties, the following article will definitely help you in refilling JUUL pods step by step.

Refilling of vape pods is not a complicated process. You can do it in 4-5 minutes. Here is the step by step instruction. You can follow them to refill vape pods.

1- Take the cap off:

First of all, you have to take out the cap of JUUL pod, which is a little bit tricky part. You can use a small screwdriver for it to get the cap off the pod.

Take a screwdriver and place it under cap:

There is a plastic cap on the JUUL pod and a hole on the side of it. Put the screwdriver gently under that hole and take it up. Beware, it does not break.

Don't break the little opener:

The hole between the lid needs to be pressurized to be open but do not open it forcefully. Repeat the same process from the other side too and open the cap from both sides. 

Grab and open the lid:

If you have done the previous steps, you will see some movement there in lid. Grab it until the cap opens.


2- Remove the silicone cover:

 When you are done removing the lid,  the second phase is a little difficult to put off the silicone cover right after when you remove the lid. This silicone cover is to protect the vape e-juice for coming outside. 

You can remove the silicone cover with the help of your tools or a little screwdriver. Place the tool in between pod and silicone cover and then take a grip on it. After having a grip on it wiggle out silicone cover gently. 

You can remove the silicone cover with the help of your hands and make a grip with your fingers. After doing this, put out the silicone cover instantly.


3- Clean out the JUUL pod:

 After removing silicone cover, it is time to clean out the JUUL pod and the left e-juice from it. Remove the left e-juice from pod to paper and then clean it by following steps:


  • Use cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol
  • Squeeze off the cotton swab so that there is no excess of alcohol in the pod
  • Clean all the contacts and corners in the pod
  • Put it in the opposite direction and let it dry.
  • Refill e-juice in the pod.


4- Refill cartridge with e- juice:

 Now after cleaning JUUL pod, it is time to refill e juice. You can use salt nic ejuice  or any other juice of your choice. Refilling of salt nic will give you more pleasure in vaping. You can use disposable cartridges in your vape. 

For the refilling process, you have to refill pod up to the empty bits in both left and right columns. Make sure you refill e juice up to 3/4th of vape pod and don't overfill pod because overfilling can also cause leaking.


5- Put on the silicone cover and cap:  

 After filling e juice, now it is time to close the vape pod again. Now, take the silicone cover and put it on the vape pod with the 75% e juice and squeeze it before closing the silicone cover.

After closing the silicone cover, now close the black cap and put it on the lid. Press it with little pressure until you hear the click sound. This sound will prove to you that the lid and vape pod are closed and you are done with the refilling of vape pod.


6- Start vaping with favorite e juice:

 Now, after all these quick steps, it is time to vape with your favorite e juice of your choice. Before vaping, make sure to check all the points of vape pods that they are not leaked. 

If there are some difficulties and confusion in refilling, we must give an overview to the points mentioned above. It will surely help you to do with refilling easily.


How many times can you refill vape pod?

A JUUL pod can be refilled 3-4 times usually. If you refill and clean your vape pod after some days, you can extend the possibility of refilling the vape pod. Moreover, you can refill vape pod when you feel burning smell from the pod, which means that it is time to stop refilling the vape pod. It also depends on the choice of your vape juice and how you reattach it because some pods start giving burning coil after filling it two times.


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