Why Does E-Liquid Change Color?

E liquids, when they were first released, were a huge phenomenon. People were amazed at how mere liquids could replace the conventional tobacco based cigarette. But, it had to happen and it did. Of course, there were several reasons for this, including the fact that manufacturers took care of the health concerns of smokers all around the world. This was one of the two most important factors that led to the phenomenal success of the product.

The other reason was the liberty, both in flavor and nicotine, that e liquids provide. This allows vapers to have try multiple flavors from all around the world. This actually provides two-fold advantages. The first has already been explained. The second is the fact that e liquids also prove to be a very useful tool in fighting cigarette addiction by providing the ability to gradually lower the nicotine content.

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What is an E Liquid Made of?

All the flexibility that e liquids allow their consumers stem from their constituents. Any changes in these constituents will bring about a change in taste and vapor production, two of the most important criteria for judging an e liquid. What are these components? These are:

  1. Nicotine: a vital component that is often responsible for causing severe throat hits, if not handled correctly.

  2. Propylene Glycol (PG): This is the dense, sweet component of the e liquid. This component is responsible for providing the flavor in the e liquid, and when concentrated heavily, it can gunk up your coils. PG can also sometimes provide throat hits.

  3. Vegetable Glycol (VG): VG is the component that is responsible for cloud production. Often, vapers will vape max VG or sometimes even completely VG concentrated e liquid to get great clouds. This will mean that the PG content in the e liquid is very low or non-existent.

  4. The flavor: this is the actual flavor profile of the e liquid. This is the most flexible component and does not often threaten to cause throat hits if mishandled by the manufacturer.

So, if there is anything in an e liquid that changes, it is because of a change in anyone or perhaps simultaneous change in all the components.

Why Does Your E-liquid Change Color?

The first thing that you should know about a changing color in e liquid is that it will not, in any way, hinder your vaping experience, unless the change occurs because of the age of the e liquid (in which case the taste will be diminished, but not cause any harm). The changing color has nothing to do with the quality of your e liquid.

In fact, the process is a natural one. Mostly, the change in color occurs because of nicotine. Known to be a very reactive substance, nicotine will react with oxygen (called oxidation), or even with other components of the e liquids to bring about a change in the color of the e-liquid. You can observe this changing color usually when you put it in your vape tank. So, next time that you get your e liquid from https://wwvape.com/ and it changes color, you will know that the quality is not to be doubted, which you would never have had in the first place given that you bought it from https://wwvape.com/.

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