Difference Between Sub Ohm Tank and RTA Tank

One of the best things about vapes is the fact that they are constantly improving. You constantly get to see new innovation: better flavors, better nicotine feel, more cloud production, better mods, everything that they do, vapes try to improve. This improvement is not just another reason to love vaping but is one of the pivotal reasons that vaping sales keel increasing and that the trend does not go out of date.

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So, when it comes to constant improvement, there is no component in a vape kit that will not enjoy this feature. Vape tanks are no different. These are devices that hold your e-liquid within the vape kit while you vape. Tanks themselves are the result of an improvement. You see, tanks replace the need to moisturize your wick over and over again. You just pour in the liquid once and then keep vaping until the liquid runs out. The coil continually heats up the e-liquid to produce vapor and keeps the vapor vaping. However, a problem seen with most vape tanks is that of liquid wastage. Vape tanks, while they hold an e-liquid, are known to leak. This not only spills e-liquid everywhere and wastes it, but also makes your vape kit all sticky and messy.

There are many types of vape tanks available in the market on wwvape.com, you should always know which type of tank suits you best and what type is currently the newest on the market. Two of the most common vape tanks, that both seem to enjoy exactly opposite features are sub ohm tanks and RTAs.

Let us take a look at what both of these tanks offer:


An RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer – is so called because it allows the vaper, or perhaps imposes on the vaper, the responsibility to build a coil. You could get coils already made for yourself from wwvape.com, but then would you get the same feel of vaping without your hand-built coil?

An RTA is often referred to as a mixture between a sub ohm and an RDA because it gives you a tank, a feature typical of the Sub Ohm tank, with a deck that is typical of an RDA. But, most often people discourage this tank because of how complex this tank is and all the custom variations that can ruin your vaping. This tank is therefore discouraged for use by newbies.

Sub Ohm Tank:

Sub Ohm tanks are one of the most common tanks in the vaping world right now. This is probably because they are the newest ones and allow the greatest flavor and cloud production. This great flavor and cloud production come from the extremely low resistance that allows most current to pass through.

This is a great tank for new vapers because it does not have lots of alterable specifications and sticks to a proved recipe. However, the tanks are often prone to high leakages and the tank does not allow for a lot of custom specifications.

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