Why 18650 is Best Battery for Vaping


Some Best Key Features Of Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping


To keep enjoying unique flavors and producing dense clouds for a long time, you require a long-lasting and powerful battery soo here i am write about Key Features Of Best 18650 Battries for Vaping.


Most importantly, you will be able to vape for hours without worrying at all. Therefore, when choosing a battery for your vaporizer, you must look at its output, capacity, and safety. There are two types of batteries for Mods, vapes, and other devices, which include either built-in batteries or removable batteries.

Lately, the 18650 Battery has been taking over all other batteries. All pro vapers have shifted to this because of long lasting nature and safety that it offers for all vapes, mods and modern mod designs.

18650 battery includes several batteries under it; few most popular ones are LG HG2, SAMSUNG 25R, SAMSUNG 30Q, SONY VTC4, LG HB6, etc. They gained popularity because of four major things which include: High capacity (mAh), High current rating (amperage), High voltage when vaping, and Low operating temperature.



As mentioned High capacity (mAh) in the first place to show that it holds the most important part when selecting a battery, as it determines how long your vape can keep performing without needing a recharge.


The capacity of vaping batteries is measured in milliampere per hour (mAh), which means how many milliamperes can be transferred in one hour. 18650 batteries have a broad range of capacities. Which proved to be ideal batteries for most of the vaping devices.


Next is High current rating, it also very important to consider when choosing vape battery that it can safely deliver the current that you need without overheating the device or battery. Now, you will think that highest current rating would be the best choice. Although it is the safest choice, there are a couple of adverse points that come along with the highest current rating. 18650 batteries hence provide with the perfect amount of current rating making it again the best choice for all vaping devices.


High voltage (Hard hitting) when vaping which refers to the amount of current battery delivers to the coil, creating the corresponding amount of vapor. Generally, vapors desire to produce dense vapors and hence want high voltage.


If a battery has high capacity and high current rating it is most likely to deliver high voltage too. Fourth comes to a critical feature which is battery’s temperature. It is considered critical because its consequences include premature aging and damage to your battery.


If the temperature gets too high, your battery can even burst or vent or burn your device. Hence, to ensure long battery life and safe vaping, lowest temperatures are preferred. Therefore, all vapors look for the batteries that run the coolest so that they have the greatest amount of freedom when choosing power settings, coils, etc.

18650 batteries include all the features mentioned above, and so it makes them superior to other batteries. WWVape offers all kinds of 18650 batteries at your doorstep at most reasonable prices and fastest delivery services. So, hurry and get your piece booked to enjoy vaping without any interruption.

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