Top 7 Reason of Vape Tank Leaking

Vaping is a growing trend and many people are adopting the trend so that they can be a part of the growing crowd. While vaping has no harm for the health, but there are a bit more precautions that need to be considered so that there are no mishaps or accidents.

Some of the precautions that can be taken are:

Make sure you fill the tank properly

The tank needs to be filled with proper care. Make sure that there is no extra liquid around the tank. The tank should not overflow. When you are filling the tank ensure that it is filled till the right indicator. When you fill your tanks make sure that the air tube is not tampered and no liquid enters the tip. If the liquid gets into the tip, then make sure you wipe it out with a tissue. Leaving a small space in your liquid tank will ensure that the liquid does not overflow, as an air pocket gets created. You will also like to read How to clean your vape coil?

The O rings should be functional

Whenever you are going to vape, make sure that the O ring is placed properly and there are no damages to the ring. The O ring needs to be of an appropriate size as it will ensure that there are no leakages. If the ring is wrong size, worn out or damaged then liquid is bound to leak from the tank.

The seals should be checked

Before you begin vaping, please make sure that the tank has been screwed right. If the tank is not screwed properly, then there is a high chance that there might be some form of leakage. Screwing the tank too tightly can also cause damage. Therefore, make sure that the tank is screwed in its place securely, not too loose and not too tight.

Position the tank right

Many new vapers fail to understand the fact that they need to be careful with their tanks. Leaving the tank horizontally can cause the liquid to ooze out and that can make it explode. To make sure that there are no such issues you should place the tank vertically. In case if there is any dripping from the tank, the tank should be wiped clean and then placed inside the E-cigarette.

Adjust the airflow

When your air flow is set too low, you will need to take in stronger inhalations. This may cause the liquid to come up to the coil. To make sure that no such leakage occurs, adjust the airflow to a more open settings.

The Coil Trouble

Coils are mass produced and this is why there is a major chance that the product may not be up to the mark. To make sure that the coil is of good quality, you need to ensure that the coil is screwed properly. This will make it easier for you to adjust the liquid's level. Loose or improper coils can result in leakage of the liquids.

Check Your Tank Regularly

You may have dropped your pen, and might have overlooked a possible crack on it. These cracks cause leakages and can result in explosions as well. So make sure that the tank has no cracks or any other similar issue.

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