Vaping culture has been increasing exponentially for the last few years. The main reason behind this great increase in the number of vapers is the mentality of people that vaping is not as harmful as traditional cigarette smoking. This is a whole separate debate whether vaping is harmful or not and there are thousands of statistics that can back each side of the argument. However, we will not be discussing the harmful effects or non-harmful effects of the vaping devices, instead, we will talk about vaping devices themselves here. There are thousands of different kinds of vaping devices available in the market. Adding to this, hundreds of vaping accessories are present to make your vaping experience more exciting. World wide vape is a wonderful website to purchase the latest vaping equipment at the most reasonable prices.
Here are some of the top vape accessories available:

1. Acrylic tube and drip tip by SMOK

Also known as a mouthpiece, a drip tip is a part that eliminates the need for cartridges while making the vaping experience even better. This allows the e-liquid to directly drip in the atomizer and give out the best flavor to the user. The drip tip is made up of acrylic, therefore, Acrylic tube and drip tip is very strong. Due to its tallness, it gives out a cooler flavor as the smoke has to travel a greater distance inside the drip tip. Adding to this, it is also very cool looking and is available in several colors including black, blue, gold, green, purple, red and white.

2. Jubox Juul Charger by TNG Tech

Ever ran out of charge while you are away from home and vaping? Most likely, you have. However, the arrival of Jubox Juul charger for your vaping device will eliminate your worries about running out of charge ever again. You can charge your device while you are travelling somewhere too. Adding to this, its 1000mAh capacity is very spacious and can easily power your vaping device multiple times. The outer body of the charger is made up of high-quality material, so it would not break off easily when it falls down from your hands.

3. Soft Vaportech Toolkit

Do you like to continuously customize your vaping devices? If yes, then this Soft Vaportech toolkit is a perfect product for you. You can easily keep all your e-juices, coils, pods, batteries and so on in this toolkit and store them safely. The toolkit is extremely soft; therefore, it is easy to carry around and is also very light weighted. The handle at the top of the toolkit allows the users to easily carry the toolkit around in hands.

4. Prebuilt Alien Replacement Coil by Vaportech

If you are regularly, you will also have to regularly replace your coils as the coil contains a copper wire that heats up when you press the vaping button and vaporizes the e-liquids in your vaping device. It is one of the most important parts of the vaping device and vaping without it is impossible. The coils get worn out gradually when you keep on vaping and they need to be replaced. Prebuilt Alien replacement coil has a high-quality copper wire that would not get destroyed very early. This coil will allow you to get an amazing flavor and greater smoke too.

5. Orion Q Replacement Pods by Lost Vape

The Orion Q replacement pods are 2ml refillable cartridges that come in a pack of two. The capacity of a pod is around 400 puffs which is much higher than several other cartridges in the market. It comes with an MTL (mouth to lung) Delrin wide bore drip tip that further enhances your vaping experience. Adding to this, it also has a 1Ω KTR atomizer.

6. Unicorn Bottles by Vaportech

The Unicorn bottles are available in three different sizes: 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. you can buy the one that suits your refilling needs perfectly. You can store your e-liquids in these bottles without having to worry about the spillage or breaking of the bottle as the packing of the bottle through its cap is extremely strong and so is the bottle itself that would not break easily even in case of an accident.

7. Valyrian Replacement Glass by UWell

Compatible with almost all tanks available in a market, this replacement glass is a wonderful option you can buy as apart from its compatibility, it also has a great design and a strong body. The Valyrian replacement glass is specially designed for sub ohm tanks, therefore, if you have a sub ohm tank, you must buy it.

8. USB wall charger

The best way to charge your vaping device is to do so using the traditional wall charger as it gives the device the most desirable voltage and the risk of short circuit is minimal. If you use your laptop to charge the device, you will soon have to recharge your laptop as it consumes a lot of power. Adding to this, the USB wall charger has an extremely strong body as it is built using high-quality plastic.

9. Hard Tool Kit by Vaportech

If you love customizing your vaping device to suit your preferences perfectly, this Hard tool kit will be a piece of blessing for you as it has all the necessary tools to repair or modify your vaping devices. The kit consists of wire cutters, needle nose pliers, two pairs of tweezers, double-sided screwdriver, work mat, atomizer tool case and an Ohm meter. All the tools including the bag are extremely durable and can last for a long time with you.

10. Battery cases

The battery cases are available in two sizes: for two batteries and for four batteries. The battery case is the safest option to carry your batteries along with you if you vape a lot and need to keep your battery supplies with you in case the existing one runs out. It is a perfect option for those who are travelling or going on a road trip with friends. You will not have to worry about charging your vape devices again and again anymore as simply the batteries can be replaced, and you will be good to go.