Put cigarettes out before they put you out! World Wide Vapes brings to you wide range of UNO Disposable vapes with nicotine that will make you forget about the toxic puffs you keep taking. It’s time you switch to a safer way of getting your daily dose of nicotine, and UNO has got you covered.

What does UNO offer?

UNO took the vape industry by storm when it came to the market in 2015. Starting in the US, within a short amount of time UNO’s influence grew across the states and there is nothing stopping it. The ‘UNOVERSE’ is vape heaven for vapers, offering disposable devices that one could only dream of having. Each vape is guaranteed to provide vapers with flavorful, high-quality, long-lasting vape puffs, that will give them the ultimate vaping experience. The one thing UNO values above all is convenience. Their goal is to make their disposable nic vapes accessible and easy to use for individuals around the world, keeping them coming back for more. 

What sets UNO apart from other vape brands in the US and on wwvape.com is its ability to adapt and innovate. UNO takes the constant technological advancements in its stride and develops products that users will not only enjoy using but also see as a new form of lifestyle. 

Vape UNO doesn’t just stop at providing benefits to vapers because they value their distributors by providing wholesale rates with unbelievable perks. For starters, the wholesale rates they provide are unmatched and very competitive. They look to make every situation a win-win one by giving visibility to all wholesalers in different campaigns, newsletters, and website listings. So, not only do wholesalers get the chance to provide their customers with must-have products but they also get to be noticed by all those vapers who visit the UNO website, vapeuno.us. It is an incredible package, one that you can have and pass on the benefits to potential loyal customers.


Additionally, UNO gives high priority to authenticity. With the exponentially growing competitiveness of the vape industry, there are brands that are making copies of famous vape brands and selling them as originals. UNO believes that one of the crucial steps in providing users with a great experience is giving them reassurance. As a result, UNO gives all its consumers the opportunity to verify each of their disposable nic vapes on their website, vapeuno.us with a ‘Verify your Vape’ tab, vapers can enter the unique code on each disposable nic vape and the website will inform them whether the vape in their hand is indeed an original UNO disposable vape, or then a copy. UNO does this to reassure wholesalers and their customers that they have received the real deal! You can ensure your customers that every UNO disposable nic vape sold on your website is 100% original, leaving no room for doubt, and giving you an edge over competing wholesalers. 

Why does Vape UNO only offer disposable nic vapes?

Disposable nic vapes have become the vape industry’s rising star, surpassing all forms of refillable vape devices. Why? Convenience. As mentioned above, convenience is what UNO aims to provide to all users; therefore, they specialize in just disposable nic vapes… for now. 

No need to carry e-liquid? If that doesn’t scream convenience, then nothing does! The users of refillable vapes know the struggle of leaving for class or work in a rush and forgetting to carry their bottle of e-liquid. The struggle is real and can ruin any user’s day- but don’t worry, UNO ensures users that they never have to face such an issue. Each UNO disposable nic vape provides low bother and high satisfaction. With absolutely no e-liquid leakage from the disposable nic vapes, UNO guarantees that all the flavor from the vape will turn into vapor, and not cause an unpleasant taste in your mouth like most refillable devices.  

The days of carrying vape kits are long gone. Each UNO disposable nic vape is small enough to carry in every user’s pocket, purse, or pouch, making them incredibly portable and discreet. They make for great travel companions due to them requiring no maintenance, and unlike cigarettes, they do not cause users to be stressed about having a smokey smell on their hands or clothes that can be unpleasant for them and those around them.

Team UNO works tirelessly to develop products that provide a better user experience than the last. Nonetheless, they prioritize quality over quantity, currently specializing in four broad categories:


  • UNO 4K


  • UNO CHARGE (Newly launched!)

UNO MAS (1200 puffs) 

This disposable nic vape has a 650mAh battery capacity and a 4ml liquid capacity that contains the least vape puffs from the lot, but it is popularly known as the go-to Vape UNO for vape rookies. Okay, not necessarily rookies, even those individuals who are looking to switch from cigarettes or refillable vape devices to disposable nic vapes. Many first-time disposable nic vape users are unaware of what product is best for them. With so many brands and categories of disposable nic vapes on the market, it is not surprising that first-timers often purchase unsuitable products, ruining their experience completely. 

UNO MAS includes 1200 vape puffs, each giving consumers the same buzz-filled experience. The best part? Unlike other UNO disposable nic vapes, UNO MAS ensures that users do not feel overwhelmed or compelled to finish the thousands of puffs in their disposable nic vapes. It makes for a smooth, first-time experience for users who can then decide whether they want to permanently switch to disposable nic vapes or stick with what they have been vaping.

UNO MAS is also a great option for vapers who do not like sticking to one flavor for too long. The same flavor of nic puffs can get boring and repetitive. Disposable nic vapes like UNO MAS give consumers the opportunity to switch up their flavors due to their limited number of puffs. Hit the vape 1200 times and move on to a different flavor. This can also be beneficial when vapers want to purchase a vape with greater nic puffs but are unsure of the flavor they will like best. Out of all the disposable nic vapes UNO sells, UNO MAS has the most variety in flavors, with a staggering 24 flavors! Some of the most popular flavors amongst vapers include Blue Razz Slushie, Cool Mint, Lush Ice, Jungle Juice, Strawberry Yogurt, and Pink Lemonade. Essentially, vapers can use UNO MAS as a tester and then pick their favorite flavor in one of the disposable nic vapes with more puffs such as UNO 4K, UNO CHARGE, or UNO MAGNUM, which will be further elaborated on below. 

UNO 4K (4000 puffs)

UNO 4K is an updated version of UNO MAS, with a bigger battery capacity (1200mAh) and a larger liquid capacity (8ml). These advancements make for a whopping 4000 puffs that come in 12 different flavors. The flavor range may not have as much variety as that of UNO MAS, but the number of vape puffs surely makes up for it. 


Just like the UNO MAS, the UNO 4K is also known for its cutting-edge mesh coil technology that helps to produce more vapor and gives a better flavor payoff. This also means that vapers can make bigger vapor clouds! Using mesh coil technology makes it possible for a single-battery vape to produce the same amount of vapor that would have previously needed a dual-battery. 

UNO CHARGE (5000 puffs)

UNO CHARGE is the latest addition to the UNO family, producing 5000 vape puffs in 15 unique flavors. With its 650mAh battery capacity and 11ml liquid capacity, it is UNO’s most compact nic vape that vapers will die for.

Being very chic and sleek, the size and shape of UNO CHARGE are its biggest selling points. This disposable vape is available in vibrant, bright colors, making them very trendy and fashionable. Additionally, it requires a vape charger and comes with a rechargeable disposable pod that includes a Type-C USB port for fast recharge, ensuring that the flavor pod does not outlast the battery charge. Overall, it combines style and convenience in one, making it one of the top nic vapes in the entire UNO range


UNO MAGNUM (6000 puffs)

Out of all of UNO’s nic vapes, UNO MAGNUM has the largest battery capacity (1800 mAh) and a liquid capacity equivalent to UNO CHARGE (11ml), but unlike UNO CHARGE, it does not require a Vape charger. Yes, you read that right- this disposable vape has 6000 puffs and comes in 10 extraordinary flavors. The main reason it is a popular choice amongst users is its value for money. Disposable vapes that offer greater puffs often offer more value for money than those disposable vapes that contain fewer puffs. UNO MAGNUM gives vapers a fantastic vape experience without putting a dent in their pocket, letting them make the most of each of the 6000 vape puffs! 

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Which one is the right pick for my customers?

It's no easy task to select just one of these nic vapes, so we suggest you get them all on vapeuno.us! Every vaper has different preferences whilst buying nic vapes, but the range of UNO disposable vapes cater to everyone. Whether it is someone looking to begin a vaping journey, someone who is into following new trends, or someone who just loves to vape, UNO has them all covered. Try out all their products on your website to see which ones your customers love most!