How to Make Vape Smoke Thicker

While a lot of people choose vaping as an alternative to smoking/or to quit smoking, they are mainly interested in getting the required nicotine content out of it and that feeling they get with smoking a cigarette. However, as you continue learning more about suitable vaping techniques and your personal preferences, one might start wondering how do all these people get to produce those massive vape clouds that look so fascinating. You see these clouds are an important reason for many people to vape. In fact, vape liquid manufacturers produce special e liquids that contains only VG content so as to provide a suitable liquid option for these cloud fanatics. You might even see cloud battles going on among vapers that love their vape clouds.

But, there is more than just the e liquid that is important to produce thick vape smoke. So, in this article, we have discussed a few of the simple techniques that will help you get the most out of your experience with thick vape clouds.

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Figure out these to Make Vape Smoke Thicker

  • Resistance

Resistance is a pivotal part in a vape device. The coil in a vape can be made up of a number of different materials, each having its own resistance. Then, to adjust resistance, it is important to shuffle through some wire material and this pays off in the form of increased vapor production.

In order to get big clouds, you need low resistance atomizer. Using a low resistance atomizer results in more electricity passing through the coil, which causes more heat generation in the coil. Due to this heat, more vapor is formed and you can also experience more intense flavors in the vape. On the downside of using low resistance device, your batteries will drain out faster, reducing the battery life and also more amount of e-juice will be consumed in the process.

A practice that is rapidly gaining more fame in the world of vaping is called Sub-ohm vaping. This is where the resistance in the clearomizer is below 1 ohm. This allows large amount of vapor to be formed, giving big clouds. Although the idea behind sub-ohm vaping is not simply to allow greater vape clouds, but also increased flavor and an overall better vaping experience, it can surely be used for dense clouds while vaping.

  • Air Flow

Setting the airflow at a higher speed results in bigger clouds. With more air flux through the coil, the temperature of the coil stays lower as the airflow creates a cooling effect. Along with cooling, more airflow facilitates the condensation process of the vapor into a cloud. With constant airflow, the old vapor keeps getting removed with air and new vapor forms. As the cloud is formed of this vapor, more airflow gives rise to richer and bigger clouds.

Realizing this need, many atomizers have started adding extra air flow ducts to their atomizers. This helps vapers get not only more vapor production but enhances the flavor profile too for the vaper.

  • Power

To get bigger clouds, you can also increase the power flowing through the electronic cigarette. With other factors like the e-juice concentration constant, raising the power setting of the device will give bigger clouds.

However, at higher power setting the coils will produce more heat resulting in a higher temperature. This temperature variation depends on the personal preferences of the vapers. Also, you would need a higher airflow at higher temperatures to prevent the coil from overheating. In addition, vaping at very high power can burn your coils, especially if they are subpar quality. At the same time, it is important to realize that some e liquids will come with a recommended power setting that should be adhered to keep the liquid from burning.

All the factors discussed above have their own individual effect on the vaping experience. Therefore you need to experiment with adjusting each parameter and then setting it at the desired level. You can try different combination settings of airflow, power and resistance to get the best level of vaping experience according to your personal preference and giving the desired level of clouds. However, to get the maximum level of clouds, you need high power settings combined with higher airflow.

To get higher power settings, you would need stronger batteries in your e-cigarette. Therefore it is important to choose the appropriate battery depending upon your usage.

  • Mods:

The argument of getting a better battery is directly complemented with the idea of having better mod. The vape market consists of several different types of mods that allow different experience to vapers. You might have very small and lightweight pod mods, that use special pods for e liquid. You might then find slightly bigger vape pens known to have a larger battery than pods and that allow a little more power. You might also find a huge variety of starter kids or mods. The mod that can allow the most power outage and support the biggest battery is a Box Mod. A regulated box mod gives the option of variable voltage and variable wattage to allow the user to adjust the power and resistance settings over a wide range. These features and high power helps you to gain more vapor production from the same e liquid.

  • PG/VG Ratio

Another factor on which the production of clouds depends is the PG/VG ratio. PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin. These are two of the four basic ingredients of an e liquid; the other two being flavoring and nicotine. VG controls the vapor production of an e liquid, while PG controls the flavor sweetness and richness. As a general rule, more amount of VG means there will be more vapor and more PG means there will be more throat hit. Therefore to get big clouds, chose an e-liquid with 50/50 PG/VG ratio or a higher content of VG.

However, it is not always about just VG. Sometimes even a little PG added to the e liquid can reduce the vapor. Therefore, it is more about the balance than it is about the concentration of one component. But, there are still e liquids that contain only VG (100% VG) that are designed especially for dense vapor production.

  • Atomizer

You definitely cannot learn how to make vape smoke thicker without having an understanding about the different types of atomizers that go with all your vape kits. These atomizers are the main working system in a vape kit that  generate the vapor clouds. So, it is really obvious that when you want to learn how to make vape smoke thicker, you must know about atomizers.

The main type of atomizers that you need to know about are rebuildable atomizers called the RBAs. This is because RBAs allow the vaper the flexibility to customize it whichever way they want and so it is great if you customize it to produce great smoke. There are three main types of RBAs: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs), - that involve pouring e liquid over a wicking material that is connected to the coil which heats it and produces vapor – Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs), - that contains a tank to store your e liquid and a coil heats it to produce vapor – and a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA) – that combines the features of both an RDA and an RTA to provide the advantages of both.

Although it is very difficult to decide which atomizer is suitable for what purpose, it has been seen that atomizers known to produce the thickest vapor smoke are RDAs. This is because in an RDA there is direct contact between the wicking material that contains the e liquid and coils. An RTA, on the other hand is known to keep things simple and easy for vaping, while an RDTA is a complex device known to be used for a number of different purposes.

  • Priming and Wicking:

Although the technicalities mentioned above make it seem like cloud production is a big deal and all about how you make your coil or your kit, it also has a huge element of the vapers own methods. Among these methods, the two worth mentioning for great vapor production are the processes of Wicking and Priming.

Wicking is the process of pouring e liquid upon your wicking material – which is more often than not made of cotton. Several different methods of vaping exist which include wicking and tucking the material at different places of the coil. However, even more important than how you wick, is whether you prime or not. Priming is a rather controversial practice and people argue whether it actually works or not. It involves pouting some e liquid directly over your coils rather than over the wicking material. The problem is that many people believe that it might result in the coils gunking up. However, wicking is supposed to be a practice to get your coils used to some pure e liquid before the e liquid is provided through the wicking material.

On an ending note, it must be said that adhering to one of the above mentioned factors cannot produce thick vape smoke, but a balance between all of them is the key to learning how to make vape smoke thicker.