Most vapers who use vape mods are always concerned about their mod’s battery and interested in finding the best battery for their vape mods. Some mods come with built-in batteries which cannot be changed, but many require separately- purchased batteries, and as a result, they offer more flexibility and longevity. But not all vape chargers are manufactured equally. Not only their prices vary, but their charging speed and reliability could also be different from one another. While finding the vape mod batteries, you should consider various factors including:

·    Safety

·    Accuracy

·    Number of batteries vape mod can support


But if you want the best 18650 and 21700 battery chargers for the following mods

·    Efest

·    IJOY

·    MXJO

·    Samsung

·    LG

·    Sony


Here are our picks;

Best four-bay and two bay 18650 Efest battery chargers for vaping

Efest lush Q4

This charger is running as the best charger for 18650 battery mods due to its fast charging, excellent design and affordable price. The Q4 is designed simply, has no buttons but has four independent battery bays which you can use to charge a wide variety of vaping mods. If you are charging four mods at a time the charger will operate at 0.5A, if you are charging two mods at a time it will run at 1A, and for the single battery, it will operate at 2A. this speed variation is automatic you cannot change this. The optimum feature of LUSH Q4 is that it automatically stops charging when your battery reaches 4.2V.


Efest LUC V4

Efest’s LUC V4 is a basic-looking but still useful entrant on to this list, with four independent bays that support for most Li-ion and LiMn batteries. It also supports 26650, 10440,26500 batteries. The charger features a USB charging port through which you can also charge your mobile phones and other devices. Its elegant display shows the charging level of your device, which automatically changes to 0.5A, 1A and 2A according to the need. This charger is also protected against over-charging, short-circuits and polarity. This vape charger offers pretty much everything you need from 18650 chargers.


Efest lush Q2

The smaller version of Q4 from Efest, while the features are necessarily the same as on the larger unit. It is still needed to mention Efest Lush Q2 as the best battery charger for those who need two bay chargers for their vape mods. Like the larger version, it has a display for both battery bays, but it does not give any indication of charging level until your battery level is full. The lush Q2 chargers charge at 2A with single-bay and operate at 1A with double battery charging bay, which is an impressive charging speed for two mods charging simultaneously.


Efest LUC V2

LUC V2 is the smaller version of LUC V4, and it takes a spot in the best 18650 chargers due to its robust selection of features and clear, well-executed display. It is provided with the USB port as well so you can charge you mobile phone or other devices too. It displays the current charge level of batteries and also indicates the battery level during charging. It also brings some safety measures with it like overcharging protection, short circuit protection and reverse battery polarity protection.


Nitecore SC2

This is the best two-bay charger from nitecore. This is especially best for those who have batteries that can cope with high-amp charging because it works with 3A with a single cell. Even with two batteries, you can have one slot with 3A battery and other with 2A battery. You can select your charging mode, which is the excellent feature of this charger. It also has a USB charging port which you can use for charging your mobile phones and other portable devices. Nitecore SC2 can recover low-voltage batteries and has protection for short circuits, reverse polarity, over-time and overcharging.


Nitecore D4

Many of the best chargers are made by nitecore. This charger has four independent charging ports so that you can charge multiple batteries simultaneously. When you insert the battery charger automatically indicate the type of battery you have installed and switches to the most appropriate charging mode. Nitecore D4 has an LCD screen so you can witness the charging status of each battery you have installed, and if any have finished charging. It also supports all the safety features like reverse polarity, overheating protection and over-charge protection. 


Choosing your vape battery charger:

  • What is it compatible with?

On choosing your charger, check the compatibility of the charger with your battery. 

  • Two bay or four-bay charger

If you have several vape mods choosing a charger with two or four bays is better than having different chargers. 

  • What are the safety features?

You must check the safety features (reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection) of the charger before buying a charger. 

  • How fast does it charge?

Charging more slowly is better than fast charging, but anyhow if you are in a hurry, you can use fast chargers. The best vape battery chargers give you a choice of how fast to charge. 


Safety guide for charging a battery:  

  • Check how quickly your battery gets charged

Although slow chargers are best for the batteries, if you are in a hurry, you can go for a fast charger but do not leave your batteries charging unattended. 

  • Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended

Do not leave your batteries charging unattended and also do not leave them overnight. 

  • Make sure your charger has overcharge protection

Overcharging your battery will impact your battery and could lead to some serious issues. So always buy a charger with overcharging protection. Even if you have overcharging protected charger, you must remove your batteries from charging as soon as you notice they are done. 

  • Do not buy cheap chargers

Battery chargers are an essential part, so do not buy the cheapest one. Try to go with the reliable manufacturers and choose the best e-cigs charger for your mod.


Getting a high-quality battery and a high-quality battery charger is essential for you vape mods. If you are selecting some charger not listed above, choose carefully and do not go for any cheap charger in the market. Select your charger from some reliable manufacturers.