With more and more brands and vaping devices, finding the best vape kits is getting difficult! 

From discrete Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping to cloud-chasing Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping devices, this guide highlights 7 best vape kits that are gaining popularity and are performing well among the vaping community.

Top 7 Vape Kits 2023

Whether you're a beginner, an experienced vaper seeking an upgrade, or someone looking to recommend a kit, this comprehensive guide highlights the industry's best choices.

#1. Geekvape T200 Vape Kit: Best Sub-Ohm Vape Kit 2023 


  • Impressive cloud production and output.

  • Advanced touch display system.

  • Excellent durability with IP68 damage protection.


  • Heavier to carry.

  • The touch screen uses extra battery charge.

 Geekvape T200 Vape Kit is a masterpiece that redefines the boundaries of power and performance in vaping. With a maximum power output of 200W, this kit ensures each puff is an immersive and satisfying experience.

Some of the key features are; 

  • Dual 18650 Battery: The T200 Vape Kit is equipped with dual 18650 battery compatibilities, giving you the freedom to use replaceable batteries.

  • Coil: Geekvape T200 uses the Z-series coil. It comes with two coils, one of them is pre-installed with a 0.15Ω resistance and the other is 0.4Ω Z coil.

  • TC (Temperature Control) and Bypass: These functions provide the ultimate level of control, catering to the nuanced preferences of DIY coil aficionados. This kit offers  a personalized experience with every puff.

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#2. Vaporesso Xros Mini Pod Kit… The Most User-Friendly Vape Kit


  • Built-in coil pods.

  • Hassle-free automatic output.

  • Minimal setup required.


  • Lack of automatic cutoff feature.

Vaporesso Xros Mini Pod Kit, a game-changer for those seeking to move beyond disposable vapes. Despite its slim silhouette, this kit boasts an enhanced battery life compared to its predecessor, ensuring more vaping satisfaction with each charge.

Some key features are; 

  • User-Friendly Design: Experience a new level of user-friendliness with the Xros Mini Pod Kit. This vape kit belongs to the Xros Series. This no-button Vaporesso device is built with fixed coil pods, and auto-inhale functionality.

  • Leak-Proof Feature: The Xros Mini is a leak-proof, top-filling pod. This vape kit's innovative design ensures that your vaping experience remains as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your favorite e-liquids without any hassle.

  • 1000mAh Battery: The Xros Mini packs a punch with its 1000mAh battery, providing ample power for extended vaping sessions. Its competitive price point further enhances its allure, making it a compelling choice for both newcomers and experienced vapers.

#3. Uwell Caliburn A2s 15W Pod Kit: An Exceptional Vape Kit 


  • Compact and portable.

  • Great flavor and vapor production.

  • Easy to use and refill.


  •  Limited battery capacity.

  • Single coil option.

Introducing the Uwell Caliburn A2s 15W Pod Kit, a pocket-friendly design to redefine your vaping experience. Made with aluminium-alloy and possesses an integrated 520mAh battery, this portable powerhouse ensures that exceptional vaping is always within reach.

Some key features are;

  • Flavorful Elegance: The Caliburn A2s boasts a 2mL side-filled pod capacity, perfectly paired with an integrated 1.2 Ohms meshed coil. This dynamic duo combines to deliver a symphony of excellent flavor and dense vapor production.

  • Hassle-free Refills: No more hassles with complicated refilling processes. The Caliburn A2s comes equipped with a silicone stoppered side-fill system, making pod refills an effortless task. Experience a seamless transition from empty to full, allowing you to stay focused on the essence of vaping pleasure.

  • Convenience: With its draw-activated firing mechanism, the Caliburn A2s offers a level of convenience. This means every puff is just a gentle draw away, delivering satisfying vapor without the need for complex button presses. 

#4. VooPoo Drag S Vape Kit: High-Performing Vape Kits 


  • Large internal battery.

  • Automatic wattage selection.

  • Extensive coil options.


  • Slightly bulkier than standard pod kits.

Experience sub-ohm vaping at its finest with the VooPoo Drag S pod kit. This vape kit is designed to bring you the thrill of sub-ohm vaping without any compromises on performance.

  • Maximum Output: Feel the power with a maximum output of 60W, a perfect match for standard sub-ohm kits. This level of power generates an abundance of vapor, catering to the direct-to-lung (DTL) style of inhaling.

  • Smart Mode: Ease of use meets innovation with the Smart mode, a feature that automatically adjusts the wattage based on the coil in use. Say goodbye to complex setups - the Drag S pod kit optimizes your vaping experience for you.

  • Massive Battery: Equipped with a substantial 2500mAh battery, the Drag S pod kit ensures uninterrupted pleasure throughout the day on a single charge. Enjoy the freedom of vaping without the constant need for recharging.

 #5. Smok G-Priv 4 Vape Kit: A Vape Kit with Best Vapor Production


  • Classic box mod aesthetics.

  • Dense clouds with airy vapor.

  • Excellent flavor delivery.


  • Sensitive touchscreen.

  • Audible airflow noise.

The Smok G-Priv 4, is a masterpiece of classic box mod design. When paired with the TFV18 Mini Tank, it becomes a powerhouse that delivers impressive cloud production and unrivalled flavor.

Key Features are;

  • Effortless Firing: Enhancing both form and function, the elongated fire bar of the G-Priv 4 is strategically placed for effortless firing with a comfortable palm grip.

  • Responsive Touch Screen: Breaking the mold of conventional vape devices, the G-Priv 4 offers a responsive touch screen. This adds convenience to your vaping routine, providing quick and easy access to settings and adjustments.

  • Performance: Prepare for an unparalleled performance as the G-Priv 4 showcases its prowess in vapor production and flavor delivery. Each inhale is an exquisite blend of dense clouds and rich taste, creating a sensory symphony that lingers on your taste buds.

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#6. Freemax Galex Nano Vape Kit: Best Vape Kit for Enhanced Flavor


  • Rich and flavorful vaping with GX Mesh Coils.

  • Slim and compact design for pocket-friendliness.

  • Leak-resistant pods for minimal mess.


  • No button-fire option.

  • Lanyard not included, limiting accessibility.

Prepare for a flavor journey like no other with the Freemax Galex Nano Kit.

This kit redefines taste with its highly innovative meshed coils, meticulously crafted from unique materials, ensuring each puff is a burst of exquisite flavor.

Key features are; 

  • Meshed Coils, Unparalleled Taste: The Galex Nano Kit's secret lies in its meshed coils, designed to extract every nuance of flavor from your favorite e-liquids. This distinctive approach guarantees that each draw is a flavorful symphony, making every vaping session a delightful indulgence.

  • Colored LED System: Elevate your visual experience with the Galex Nano Kit's stunning and customizable colored LED system. This vibrant feature adds a touch of personalization, turning your vaping moments into a visual spectacle that complements the exceptional flavor.

  • Flavor and Style: For those who seek a blend of flavor and style, the Freemax Galex Nano Kit is a dream come true. Its meshed coils promise an explosion of taste, while the customizable LED system offers a visual journey that matches the sensory delight.

 #7. Vaporesso Target 100 Vape Kit: 


  • Exceptional taste that elevates the vaping experience.

  • Versatile array of mode options to suit preferences.

  • Sturdy yet lightweight build that promises longevity.

  • Innovative mesh-designed GTi coils for enhanced flavor.


  • The 2ml glass filling could be challenging for some users, impacting ease of use.

Vaporesso Target 100 vape kit, a true standout in the realm of vaping excellence. This kit mesmerizes us with its extraordinary flavor delivery, made possible by the ingenious F (t) mode and mesh-designed GTi coils.

Some key features are;

  • Durability: Crafted for both durability and comfort, the Target 100 vape kit seamlessly blends lightweight construction with robust endurance. The inclusion of a metal frame and water-resistant braid finish ensures a device that not only lasts but also provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to enjoy extended vaping sessions.

  • Power, Precision, Possibilities: Adding to its allure, the Target 100 vape kit is available in three distinct versions, each offering its unique power outputs and battery configurations. This diversity empowers you to select the perfect kit that aligns with your vaping style. 

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