How Long do 18650 Batteries Hold Charge

A 18650 battery is one of the most advanced power holding units that the market has to offer, but before you use it you need to better understand how these batteries work and how efficient they are at things like holding charge. In general, a 18650 battery holds its charge indefinitely if you have it on standby and are not using it. Considering it takes four to five hours to charge, this feature helps make the 18650 battery a viable option for people that are looking for long term power storage technology that would enable them to make the most of their tech.

One thing that you will have to keep in mind, however, is the fact that these batteries tend to lose their capacity over time. Hence, a few years after you first start using these batteries you are going to find that the maximum charge your battery can hold would last a shorter period of time after regular use than it did before. It is important to keep this in mind, but it is also essential that you figure out how exactly these batteries lose their capacity so that you can prevent it happening to the battery that you are thinking of using. Here are some ways in which 18650 batteries get damaged.


Exposure to heat is one of the biggest ways in which these batteries start losing their capacity. Heat in this context is any temperature over 40 degrees Celsius. While this may seem like a very high temperature, constant use can easily bring batteries to this heat level so you need to be careful while using them. Cold batteries also need to be warmed up before they are used, otherwise the sudden increase in heat could cause serious damage to some of the more delicate components.

Constant Low Battery

We generally only charge our batteries once they have reached a very low level and are about to die. This ends up damaging them because the battery struggles to maintain the performance of your device. If you want your 18650 battery to last, you need to ensure that you start charging it once it has been drained of two thirds of its complete charge. Low charge can result in your battery overheating as well, which is another potential factor that you can avoid if you are careful while using your batteries. You may also like to know how to clean your vape coil.

Improper Use

If you have just finished using your battery, it is probably going to be too hot to immediately be put on charge. Hence, it is important that you let it cool down a bit before you do so in order to prevent damage. You should also let your battery cool down after charging it before using it for the same reason.


Once a battery is fully charged, it absolutely must be disconnected from a power outlet in order to prevent overheating. This means that you can’t leave your battery to charge for hours on end if you want it to retain its charge!

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