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28 Nov What are Fake E Cig and How to Avoid Them?
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Technology has always been tricky. You just never know when a piece of technology might malfunction. Moreover, there are just a number of tragedies that you could come to bear as a user of technology and a number of consequences that may stem fro..
26 Nov Fast Growing Vaping Industry: How and Why?
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Have you ever been out, hanging around and just saw this random person holding a box-like device with a nozzle-type thing at the top and the person is just raising it to their mouth and exhaling some vapor? Or have you seen those people who seem ..
26 Nov How to Choose the Right Vape Device? - The Ultimate Guide
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Vaping culture gained fame and attention for the last 4 years or so and is increasing at a higher rate every day. People use vapers for multiple reasons. Some might vape just for pure pleasure that is gained through nicotine. Other might be usi..
23 Nov The Best Variable Voltage / Wattage Vape Mods List - The Ultimate Guide
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Variable voltage/wattage vaping mods are simply battery powered devices whose power output can be regulated through adjustments in voltage and wattage. The devices are designed with special circuits to prevent the user and itself from damages due..
31 Oct How Long Do Vape Coils Last? Make Vape Coils Last Longer
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For as long as I can remember, smokers have had to carry a box of cigarettes. You cannot smoke one cigarette forever now, can you? Well, then a smoker cannot move around without his typical pack of cigarettes. On top of that, you cannot smoke w..
31 Oct How to Extend the Life of Your E-Cig or Vaporizer Battery?
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Batteries are tricky business. You can never be sure how much care you need to take of them in order for them to last longer or how much the optimum time for charging a battery is or how often you should charge your battery. There are just so man..
30 Oct Atomizer vs Clearomizer vs Cartomizer: The Ultimate Guide
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Ever since vaping became a trend, vapers all around the world have been flooded with vape accessories and e liquids. This flood comes about as a result of the great profit margin that the market for vapes promises given the great demand in the mark..
30 Oct 10 Commandments of Vaping: 10 Rules for Vapers
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Vaping has provided a very easy solution for smokers looking to get away from cigarettes. Not only is it a much less harmful way to nicotine intake, but also a very important and practical tool to kill the smoking habit. How? Well, the alterable ..
25 Oct Difference Between Sub Ohm Tank and RTA Tank
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One of the best things about vapes is the fact that they are constantly improving. You constantly get to see new innovation: better flavors, better nicotine feel, more cloud production, better mods, everything that they do, vapes try to improve. ..
11 Oct Why Does E-Liquid Change Color?
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E liquids, when they were first released, were a huge phenomenon. People were amazed at how mere liquids could replace the conventional tobacco based cigarette. But, it had to happen and it did. Of course, there were several reasons for this, inc..
11 Oct The Stigma of Vaping: Understanding and Misunderstanding
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The introduction of new technologies is often welcomed with several doubts about its use and functionality. Moreover, these reservations may also include doubts relating to the health effects of the use of that technology. This then leads to seve..
08 Oct What’s the Difference Between Smoke and Vapor?
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For some years now, cigarette manufacturers have witnessed a fall in their sales. This has largely been a result of a rise in the sales of vapes. But, the question arises, what gave vapes the capability of taking down cigarette sales when no othe..
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