Not only the vaping itself, but everything within the field is a world in itself. When it comes to vape kits, there are just so much alterations that can happen and so much that you can change. Same is true for when it comes to e liquids. There is just so much variety in the market that you can never be sure of what you want.

The Curse of One Flavor:

In fact, people often find trouble understanding how to really choose their flavor because they fail to assess their flavors objectively. They cannot just put their finger on what they need to check their e liquids for to make sure that they always get the right flavor. As a result, these vapers tend to become slaves of flavors that they have once bought. They will keep on buying the same flavor over and over again because they just do not know what it really is that makes that flavor so unique.

This then means that they cannot ever decide on another flavor because they just do not know the clear factors that make the taste appealing to them. This also means that the only way that they can ever judge a flavor is in terms of a flavor that they already like, which is a very subjective way to measure flavor.

How to Judge Flavor:

If you want to judge flavor there are usually some basic factors that you must keep in mind. These factors are:

    PG to VG ratio: This ratio dictates how much vapor the e liquid produces and how dense the flavor is. It will dictate how rich the flavor is and how it affects your coils.
    Nicotine: The nicotine content is another factor to judge the e liquid that you want to buy. Any e liquid will come in a variety of settings of nicotine strengths that will drastically change the feel of the e liquid.


The nicotine is one of the most important factors to pick the flavor. If you get your nicotine wrong, you will not be able to enjoy your flavor. In fact, when it comes to people who are trying to quit smoking, nicotine strength will make all the difference between them actually quitting or relapsing to their cigarette addiction. Therefore, to make sure that you get the right nicotine strength for yourself, you need to be aware of how much you can handle.

If you choose to vape more nicotine than you can handle, you will have to suffer with extreme throat hits which will scar your vaping experience for a lifetime. On the other hand, you should always make sure that your nicotine strength is never less than what you are used to because then you will not even have the satisfaction of vaping, because then you will not even feel the flavor. However, it must be said that lower than your usual nicotine is always preferred over more than your usual nicotine. Just keep in mind that you need to figure out your bearable nicotine.