Guide to nicotine salt and e juice

In the world of Vape, manufacturers are always on the lookout for a new product that would help improve the user experience. This has led to the development of many new coils, mods, tanks, and E-Juices. The latest topic that has created hype is the introduction of ‘Nicotine Salt E Juices'. Now, you might think that it means that salt has been added to it, trust me this is not what we are discussing. In this guide, we will discuss in details what Nicotine Salt E-juices are, their pros and cons, their safety and many other things. This guide will help make it easy for beginners to choose their E-juice. So, let's begin.

What is Nicotine Salt E Juice?

Nicotine Salt E Juices are a new product in the world of E-juices. Most of the regular E-juices make use of freebase Nicotine, and it is up to the user to decide how intense Nicotine Level they want. Some people enjoy low-level Nicotine whereas others prefer high-level Nicotine. However, an increase in Nicotine level also leads to an increase in the harshness of flavor which results in making it difficult to enjoy the taste. To deal with this issue, Nicotine Salt E-liquids were introduced. The ‘Nicotine Salt' refers to the natural state that the Nicotine is in before getting extracted. It is created by combining Nicotine Liquid with Benzoic acid the creation of this product provided manufacturers with two benefits. First, it became easier for them to manipulate the taste of Nicotine and second, the human body was able to absorb Nicotine Salts quickly.

There are specific devices that have been developed for salt based E-juices such as JULL pods, Suorin kits, etc. At we provide you with the best nicotine salt juices. These E- Juice flavors loved by our consumers and are manufactured by top-rated USA companies. These include Asalt, Gost, Beard Salt, Public Bru, Salt factory, Saltee-E-Liquid and many more. They come in different flavors, and you can decide the level of nicotine you want in your juices. Let's take a look at a few of the products that we have in stock such as Mr. SALT-E E LIQUIDS; these are incredibly delicious and come in twenty-eight different flavors. All the Salt E juices are made from excellent local products and are of high quality. If you love strawberries, then you are going to love this. The Strawberry E-Liquid by SALTE-E transports you instantly to the realm of sweet, juicy and ripe strawberries. This Liquid comes in a bottle of 25 and 45 ml. Each cloud you release gives you a pleasant smell of fruits, and it comes with a dropper that will minimize the loss of E-liquid during refilling. The next flavor which I am sure our hardcore tobacco fans will enjoy is named ‘Tobacco' this is made based on the perfect blend of tobacco. Each vapor cloud will give you a nostalgic taste and is especially suitable for people who are switching from smoking to vaping. Next, we have Cotton Candy.  The soft, fluffy, pink candy found at carnivals or festivals is now available in bottle format as well. The Cotton Candy E-Juice transports you to your childhood when you had fun with your friends and family. It comes in different sizes such as 100ml or 45 ml bottle. They are both equipped to minimize the loss of e-liquids during refilling. There are many other flavors available of these E-salt juices so go take. Let's discuss one more company before we move on.

Now the next company on our list is Salt Factory; their flavors attract people and captures their taste buds. We have a total of eight flavors available at first is Mystery E-liquid this sound like a really mysterious Salt based E-liquid. So, for our mystery fans I am sure you are going to love this. So, try it out for yourself and experience what kind of flavor it might be. Nex is ICED CHEE E-LIQUID if any of you have ever had the opportunity to taste Lychee then you might remember the sweet and tangy flavors. Lychee fruit comes in season for a short while and ends up disappearing quickly. Well, now you can enjoy the delicious taste anywhere anytime. Our ICED CHEE is a combination of Lyche, different fruits and menthol which combined gives us a fruity flavor and a refreshing end. The Crisp Apple Flavor E-liquid combines the taste of menthol and sweet apples. Its name even makes you think of a crispy and crunchy apple that you are going to bite into. Our catalog contains a lot of other flavors and different levels of nicotine you can take a look at all of them at your leisure.

Here are some tips to help you as well. Read the product ingredients carefully and avoid ingredients that you are allergic to just because you are vaping it doesn't mean you won't get an allergic reaction. The PG/ VG ratio is an essential factor in case of Salt factory they make use of 50% PG and 50% VG this creates a balance but if you prefer producing huge dense cloud then go for flavors that have more VG in them but if you want a richer taste then go for flavors with high PG. As already stated, choosing nicotine level is up to you should be aware which will suit your taste best.

Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salts

During the Gold age of Tobacco industry, the manufacturers were trying to develop cigarettes that would surpass their predecessors and provide their customers with an extra kick. This resulted in creation of Freebase Nicotine which is the purest form of Nicotine and easily absorbable by the body. Freebase Nicotine also burned very quickly, however, this resulted in the creation of another wall the consumers were unable to handle 50mg Nicotine Cigarette due to its harsh taste. The manufacturers soon realized that by taking control of the PH level they could control the flavor of Nicotine and thus this led to the creation of Nicotine Salts. These salts burned quickly at low temperature and managed to retain their potency.

In the modern age, researchers have been trying to develop a healthy alternative to tobacco this lead to the production of Freebase Nicotine E-Juices and Nicotine Salt E-Juices. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Freebase Nicotine Juices are compatible with all devices whereas the Nicotine Salt E-juices are only compatible with small devices and as a result produce dense clouds. Also, they are not suitable for sub ohming purposes. Both Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts have different PH level and chemical formulas. The lower alkyne level provides a very smooth taste which makes it easy to consume 50mg nicotine easily. At we have a diverse collection for both Freebase Nicotine Juices and Nicotine Salts Juices. You can take a look at our catalog and make your choice.

Pros and Cons of Nicotine Salt:

The Nicotine Salts are smoother, provide high Nicotine concentration at low temperature and are affordable. For example, if you buy a traditional Vape kit along with E-juices, it will cost you above 100 dollars, but if you buy Nicotine Salts and equipment, it will cost much less. This considerable difference makes them more appealing. Due to their high Nicotine potency, these salts are suitable for a transitional smoker because they provide the same level of kick that you get from smoking tobacco. However, like other things this product has its cons as well. First, since this is a new addition in the Vape World, there is a limited amount of Nicotine Salt E-Juices available, and you have to find specific devices such as JULL pod system, SUORIN kits, etc.

The subtle way of blowing clouds takes out the fun of vaping because you are unable to compete with your friends in clouds making competition or show off your Vape device. Third, this type of Vape is suitable for heavy smokers since they will get their desired taste, however, for beginners, 3-12 mg nicotine is enough, and this can be satisfied by making use of regular E-juices.

Is Nicotine Salt Safe:

There are a lot of concerns being raised regarding the safety of Nicotine Salt's however, so far it has been determined that Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts have the same level of safety. The only thing that raises concern is the use of benzoic acid in Nicotine Salt. Some researchers have found that benzoic acid has side effects, however, so far no evidence has been found to prove that Vaping benzoic acid can cause health issues.  The World Health Organization has set a limit for Vaping, i.e., taking 5mg Nicotine per Kg of body weight.

How Much Nicotine Salt Strength Should You Use?

Nicotine Strength depends on your preference. Majority of Nicotine Salt Liquids falls in the range of 25-50mg Nicotine Strength. If you are a beginner who is on the lookout for low strength Nicotine that provides excellent vapor production, then we recommend taking a look at Mr. Salt E manufactures a lot of low strength Nicotine products that are perfect for beginners. Take a look at different levels of Nicotine Strength and their compatibility with people.

3-5mg this is suitable for Sub Ohm tanks and Nic salts provide a much better taste than their freebase counterpart. This strength is ideal for people who enjoy experiencing the flavors to their full extent.

20-35 mg this is suitable for people who enjoy a strong hit but are not interested in trying 50mg Nicotine products.

50 or above mg this is suitable for people who are transitional smokers this makes it easy for them to manage their cigarette craving and allows them to enjoy powerful throat hit