When it comes to vape devices, there are numerous choices for vapers around the world. However, for those that want only the best in everything, there are not many brands that they could go for. The need to get the very best, contrary to popular belief, is not just about showing off. But, the very best brands offer the very best vaping experiences which more than compensates for the amount that you invest in these devices and the amount of time that they last.


The Juul is one of these devices that are known for their quality and superior vaping experience. These amazingly crafted, slim e cigarettes are hailed to be one of the best in the industry with a very loyal consumer base that waits eagerly for all the new announcements about the device. The Juul also offers the best nicotine feel in the industry and the most amazing flavors all round.
Instead of allowing refills through dripping or tanks, the Juul kit comes with prefilled pods that contain 0.7ml of e liquid with 5% of nicotine in the e liquid. The device is not only great for nicotine feel but comes with a one year warranty that covers any malfunctions in the device.

Juul Battery:

One of the biggest components of any vape kit is the battery that it contains. Manufacturers prioritize the battery time of a vape kit considering that the typical vaper wants it to last as long as possible and try to provide the most battery capacity they can. This means that the battery comprises a huge part of the entire size of the cube. This is evident particularly in a box mod that is designed to provide the most of everything, atomizer, battery, tank and so on. So, you will often see box mods carrying the biggest batteries in the vaping world.
When it comes to pod mods such as Juul, however, the story is entirely different. Pod mods are designed to resemble cigarettes as much as possible and be as light weight and convenient to carry as possible. So, this means that the batteries on a pod mod can simply not be as big as those on box mods because that would mean a disproportionate size. So pod mods carry small batteries that although do not provide as much battery time as those on the box mods, but it still is enough to keep you vaping.

The battery on the juul is very small, yet one of the most efficient batteries in the vaping world. The battery can be charged with a USB charger which takes only about 50 minutes to fully charge the batteries and take about more than 6 hours for the battery to run out. The battery life is also great and will be very long before you have to replace the battery to get even better standby time. Moreover, you could charge for around a minute when the battery is completely dead to allow you some extra hits with your juul.