Isn’t it annoying when your best disposable vape stops working? 

If any of your disposable vape is not hitting properly, we are here; however, this comprehensive guide is also beneficial for if you prefer buying wholesale disposable vapes.

Well, there are multiple reasons that cause vape pens to stop producing vapor.

Keep reading to understand these reasons better and find quick solutions.

Troubleshooting Disposable Vapes

How to Fix a New Disposable Vape 

Experiencing issues with a new disposable vape can be frustrating, but understanding the potential causes can help you resolve them efficiently.

a. Defective Vape: The first possibility could be a faulty device; if your new vape shows no signs of vapor production, visit the vape store for a refund or replacement.

Pro Tip: If you like to buy wholesale vape supplies then ensure that you check their functionality and always buy from a reputable vape wholesaler.

b. Empty or Dead Batteries: When the LED blinks red or orange upon puffing, it signals an empty battery. In this case, improperly charged or damaged batteries could be the culprit. Seek a refund from the vendor or attempt to recharge your disposable kit with a different charging accessory.

c. E-liquid Leakage: Another reason could be a leaked-out disposable vape for the lack of vapor. However, it is uncommon for new kits, especially disposables that follow closed designs; liquid leakage causes unnecessary mess and hinders functionality.

d. Blocked Airflow Hole: This could be one of the faults in new vapes, so double-check whether the airflow hole - to ensure proper airflow.

How to Fix a No-Vapor Producing Disposable Vapes?

Here's how to address this;

a. Low or Dead Battery: If the light indicators show insufficient battery in the first use, replace the disposable. For rechargeable devices try to recharge them and restore normal function; sometimes low battery can also be the reason for your disposable to not to light up.

b. Reached Maximum Puffs: The puff limit written on the package is an estimate, once used up, the vape pen stops producing vapor. Remember, the exact number of puffs can vary from device to device. To save time and cost, we prefer to buy wholesale disposable vapes. 

These are the two main reasons of vapes not producing enough vapor, other less-occuring reasons are; 

  • Chain Vaping Strain: Continuous deep inhales without breaks can overwhelm the device, causing it to cut off. Shift to a new disposable vape if this occurs frequently.

  • Blocked Mouthpiece: Make sure the mouthpiece isn't clogged. If blocked, clear any obstructions for unrestricted airflow.

  •  Inhalation Duration: Many disposable puff pens have an 8–10 second automatic cut-off for safety. If your draws exceed this limit, the device will shut off.

  • Heat Exposure: Store disposables away from direct sunlight or excessive heat, which can impair their vaping capabilities. 

  • Clogged Airflow: Dirt or e-liquid accumulation can clog airflow passages. Gently utilize a cotton swab or toothpick to clean the device.

  • Leakage Issues: Leaking may stem from a damaged cartridge. Check seals for damage, or consider replacing the prefilled cartridge.

  • Improper Cartridge Fit: In rechargeable disposables with replaceable e-liquid pods, ensure the device securely detects the cartridge.

 How to Fix a Least-Hitting Vape                    

A disposable vape not delivering smooth hits can be frustrating. Troubleshoot with these steps:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

a. Check the Battery Level: Ensure sufficient battery charge for consistent hits. Recharge or replace drained disposables.

b. Clean the Device: Accumulated residue can block airflow or the wick, causing uneven hits. Make use of a cotton swab or even a soft brush to clean the mouthpiece and air hole.

c. Adjust Inhalation: Some disposables activate with inhales. Inhale steadily to allow the sensor to detect your draw.

How to Fix Overheating Disposable Vapes?

Overheating disposables can be concerning and make your disposable faulty. Implement these measures to address this issue:

a. Avoid Chain Vaping: Continuous vaping prevents the heating element from cooling down, leading to overheating. Take necessary pauses to allow the device to cool.

b. Battery Check: A damaged battery can lead to overheating. Discontinue use if the battery is compromised and request a replacement.

Fix your Disposable Vape:

Thus, you can easily fix your non-functioning disposable device with the above given methods.


How do you get last hits out of your disposable vape?

To maximize the number of hits you can get from your disposable vape, consider taking shorter, gentle puffs rather than long draws. Allow brief pauses between hits to let the device's coil and wick recover, preventing overheating. Taking slower and shallower hits can help extend the life of the e-liquid and battery, allowing you to enjoy more hits before the device is depleted.

How do I get my disposable to hit more?

To enhance the performance of your disposable vape and get more hits, ensure that the device is fully charged if it has a battery indicator. Take slow, steady draws to avoid overwhelming the coil, allowing it to heat evenly. If you experience diminishing vapor production, try gently tapping the device or adjusting the airflow (if applicable). 

Why is my disposable vape blinking?

A blinking light on a disposable vape usually indicates a specific issue or condition: low battery, firing timeout, device error, no connection and end of life.