How to Extend the Life of Your E-Cig or Vaporizer Battery?

Batteries are tricky business. You can never be sure how much care you need to take of them in order for them to last longer or how much the optimum time for charging a battery is or how often you should charge your battery. There are just so many questions and so many variables to look for that will affect your battery timing and performance.

Vapes and Batteries

Perhaps to you, the most important battery in your life is your phone battery, but to vapers, another type of battery is much more important than their phone batteries. These are the batteries that power their vape devices. These vape batteries will be the difference between their boring day or a day filled with their many vaping sessions, which will make it great.

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So, it is extremely important that the battery in every vaper’s vape kit be always charged, which you could also take to mean that the battery offers great battery time. This is what every vaper ever wants.

History and Modern Developments:

Since the importance of the battery has already been displayed, it is important to analyze how the batteries in vapes have worked. When they were first introduced, vape devices suddenly came to be regarded as dangerous, even more dangerous than cigarettes. This was because it was observed that vape kits would suddenly explode. This had nothing to do with the quality of the vape kit, but the batteries. The truth was that the batteries, not the vape kits, would explode.

This led to an investigation launch by the FDA and the devices running in the market were pulled out. The conclusions of the investigations showed that the batteries were either of mediocre quality or that they were used for long periods of time in one go. So, here is your first lesson, always use quality assured batteries.

Following the investigations, the FDA strengthened its regulations and there have been no incidents of battery explosions ever since. The modern batteries are called the 18650 batteries owing to their size which is about 18 by 65 mm. These are rechargeable batteries with more retention rates than any other batteries in the world.

How to Extend Battery Life?

Here are a few steps that will help keep your battery running for a long time:

1. Draining and Overcharging is a Myth:

People will often advise you that you should not charge your battery until it is completely drained, and then when it does, they will advise you to charge it for a very unreasonably long period of time. Do not fall for this. This does not work. In fact, if you want to make extend your battery life you should never completely drain your battery. Draining your battery completely will ruin the health of your battery, and then overcharging it later on just because it was completely empty is just as harmful. Charge your battery when it is very low, not drained and charge it for an optimal amount of time then.

2. Use it:

You should never just take out the battery of your vape kit and store it. This will significantly reduce its battery life. Instead, make sure that your battery stays in regular use, otherwise it will be completely useless.

3. No Overusing:

You have already been told what using a battery for long periods of time without a break can do to it. So, if you do not want your vape kit to blow in your face (literally), just keep adequate breaks within each individual vaping question. Also, monitor your battery performance against set checkpoints to get an estimate of its health.