Learn How to clean your Vape Coil

To maintain the proper functioning of the vaping device, it is important to clean it regularly. Also, with usage as the residue starts to build up, it also affects the flavor strength in the vapor.

Once you get familiar with the components of your device, the cleaning procedure becomes simple and would also be less time consuming if you do it on regular basis. It is also useful to make it a habit to clean it on every flavor change so that you get the freshness and strength of the flavor every time you use the device. For this purpose, simple rinsing and cleaning is enough. As a regular routine, you can carry out the cleaning once in a week or when you feel the performance of the device is compromised.

As a simple cleaning procedure, detach the tank from the mod assembly, drain out the leftover e-liquid and soak the tank in warm water for a few minutes. Then rinse with clear water and ensure that all residue goes away. Dry the components using a paper towel and let it air dry for further 10-15 minutes before reassembling. For tough stains, clean the components with a cloth soaked in alcohol before the final rinse with plain water.

How to clean vape pen coil

It can be a little bit tricky cleaning the coils yourself. But by doing so, you can extend the life of the coils. When you see that the coils have a lot of dark deposit build up on them, it’s time to clean them. To start with the procedure, dismantle the tank from the assembly to expose the coils. Now turn on the power of the device to burn the coils to red hot. Pour water into a cup, and dump just the coil and the first part of the atomizer into the water. Be careful not to submerge the atomizer all the way and the mod should not come in contact with water. After this, detach the coil from the device and use a toothbrush to lightly scrub off the deposits from the coil.

To clean the RTA coils, you would need to disassemble the whole coil unit first, take out the wicking material and then repeat the procedure mentioned above for cleaning the coils. After making the coils red hot and dipping in water, to further clean them, you can use cotton bud to reach the inaccessible areas. Then put in fresh wicking material between the coils after you are done with the cleaning.

Cleaning Aspire Coil

This method can also be used to clean the aspire coils. However, before heating the coil, remove it from the assembly and rinse with hot water, and keep rinsing till the wicking material gets clean. Attach the coil back to the assembly and power it on till the wire starts becoming hot and glowing. Allow it to heat for a while, this will burn off the residue build up on the coil. After a while the smoke will go away and then you can use the device to vape.