How Old Do You Have to be to Vape? Vaping Rules and Regulations

Although vapes started as a method to curb cigarettes smoking, it has instead served as an alternative instead. People who have never smoked a cigarette are now buying vapes to get a sense of what smoking really is. Eventually, they do end up addicted to vaping instead of smoking, but, it must be stated that addiction to smoking is much rarer than addiction to cigarettes and cigars. This is mainly because vapes do not necessarily have nicotine in them, and even when they do, other harmful material such as tar is not present in vapes.

Yes, vapes are indeed much less harmful than cigarettes and a major reason for their use is still as a way to quit smoking, but it must not be forgotten that they are still smoking devices. Due to its close relation to the practice of smoking and tobacco, most (perhaps even all) have looked to regulate vaping in one way or the other. These restrictions come in several ways, some of which are:


Age Restriction

Although vapes can be smoked in a nicotine-free way – by buying flavors with zero nicotine strength – it is still a harmful activity that may or may not lead to cigarettes. So, countries have made sure that they restrict underage smoking by limiting vape smoking only to adults. Since countries have different ages marked for adults, there is often disagreement. But, most countries that do use age restrictions, restrict people under 21 to smoke, while others restrict people under 18. Online platforms selling vape accessories are required to confirm the age of their visitors before they are allowed to buy anything.

Nicotine Restrictions:

Several countries have a very strict policy on nicotine use. They may not allow any cigarettes or sell them at highly taxed amounts. Since vapes do come with a nicotine option, these countries (countries such as Canada) place heavy restrictions on them. The websites dealing in vape accessories in Canada are bound to display a nicotine warning or are restricted from dealing in these products altogether.

Enclosed and Public Spaces:

Although good manners already restrict people from smoking when they are in the company of other people, the fine line between vapes being harmful or not tends to overlook this courtesy. People feel that since vapes are not harmful they are entitled to smoke wherever they feel, regardless of whether there are people present or not. However, almost every country restricts smoking in enclosed and Public Spaces because of its vaping’s close link to smoking after all.

Although people may feel that cigarettes and vapes should be monitored under the same policy since both are harmful, it is a truth that vapes are nowhere as harmful as cigarettes. This can be proved by the fact that vapes are actually approved by the FDA where cigarettes are not. So, it is acceptable to show leniency in regards to vape. Not only that, but it should also be noted that a lot of people vape simply because they are trying to quit cigarettes and in that case it should be encouraged.

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