Fast Growing Vaping Industry: How and Why?

Have you ever been out, hanging around and just saw this random person holding a box-like device with a nozzle-type thing at the top and the person is just raising it to their mouth and exhaling some vapor? Or have you seen those people who seem to be smoking out of a weird piece of wood or metal that seems to be a cigarette, but isn’t?

How Old Are Vapes?

You might be wondering why I am writing about vapes and e cigarettes in such a weird way. Surely everyone has seen those things and the concept of vaping is pretty common in today’s world. However, this was not true just a few years back. Only about 6 to 8 years back, if you saw someone vaping, you would just freak out. You see, in those years vapes were seen to be a sort of luxurious trendy piece of equipment that looked very cool when you held it in your hand.

Vapes were not very common and if you saw the vapes used then and compared to ones used now, you will realize that not only have they become much more common, but have also evolved to produce much more sophisticated device with greater sophistication and lots and lots of features to keep the vaper safe. So, although the device is very new when compared to the conventional cigarettes, the room for innovation has been capitalized very effectively, yet there seems to be lots left.

How Easy Is it To Compete With Cigarettes:

Many people fail to realize the fact that not only have vapes survived against the competition from cigarettes, but have effectively encountered and poached the market share of cigarettes. I say this in a tone of accomplishment because any other substitutes to cigarettes have failed miserably in face of the intense competition. Consumers who have tried cigarette substitutes have always been heard complaining that it just is not the same thing as cigarettes.

The main problem here is the fact that cigarettes cause an addiction that causes extreme cravings in the subject. These cravings, when unsatisfied by unsuitable substitutes drags the subjects right back to cigarettes rendering the substitute useless. However, the fact that vapes allow the consumer to inhale the nicotine with the added feature of altering its strength and the charm of so many different flavors, keeps the vaper satisfied. So, the vaper does not feel any craving for cigarettes.

But, What Really Pushed the Sales?

But what you really ought to question is the fact that why would any smoker want to leave cigarettes in the first place? Only when a smoker is willing to quit cigarettes, can he/she think about vaping and this is why answering this question is so important.

The most important reason that smokers wanted to quit smoking is that cigarettes are extremely harmful. They not only contain tar – a thick black substance that is known to contain thousands of toxic chemicals – but also has other carcinogenic compounds that are hazardous to human health. Moreover, the smoke produced by cigarettes results in more harmful substances being produced through the combustion of harmful substances already present. This smoke, then is harmful to not only the smoker but also people around the smoker who inhale this smoke.

This harmful nature of cigarettes causes several deaths every year and has prompted smokers to quit. However, quitting is not as easy as it seems owing to the extreme cravings that cigarette produces that have been previously mentioned. Vapes allow smokers to vary their nicotine content and eventually eradicate dependence on it by bring down the dosage eventually. Since no other alternative allowed these options, vapes are the only suitable choice and this leads to the high growth rate of vapes.

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