Vapes are a global phenomenon. People all around the world have started using these less harmful devices rather than using cigarettes which harm them in the long-run. This has been the most important factor in the success of vapes and electronic cigarettes, that vapes are not as harmful as cigarettes are. In addition, vapes also allow users to alter their nicotine content which really makes a difference when it comes to quitting cigarettes because you cannot just withdraw from nicotine like that and have to do it gradually. As it turns out, the cigarette manufacturers have suffered great harm in sales at the hands of vape devices all over the world.

Vapes and E Cigarettes:

When we say vapes we usually refer to e cigarettes as a part of them, but e cigarettes really are a distinct category. Where vapes are represented by big, bulky devices, e cigarettes are usually very small and light-weight which makes them very convenient to carry. E cigarettes are also known for their superior nicotine feel and is often used by people who want a near-cigarette feel of their nicotine to help them quit.
The devices also have different mechanisms for storing their vape juices. Where a vape kit might have anything ranging from a tank to an RDA to RDTA and so on, vape pens use small cartridges to help with their e liquid requirements. The main reason behind e cigarettes using such small variants is the fact that e cigarettes are designed to be small and sleek and it would not really help to have a disproportionately large tank to hold the e liquid in a vape pen.

More About Cartridges:

When it comes to cartridges, there are a number of variables that matter. However, the most important distinction between cartridges is that of reusable and disposable. As the name suggests, reusable cartridges can be used over and over again while a disposable cartridges is meant to be used and thrown away after the e liquid runs out. Since, disposable cartridges are not to be re used, they usually come prefilled with e liquid. On the other hand, reusable cartridges come empty and you can fill the e liquid of your choice in the cartridge. As a result, disposable cartridges cost much less than reusable ones.

Reusing Disposables:

However, the fact that it is not meant to be used more than once does not stop people from using their cartridges more than once. Instead of throwing away their cartridges, they dismantle the top and use a syringe to fill their cartridge all over again before re-assembling and using it with their device.

Although it is advised against doing so, people who do use this sort of technique argue that the advice comes from the manufacturers themselves and is intended to boost their own sales. Since, they themselves have not witnessed any side effects to using disposable cartridges a good number of time before throwing them away, they seem to think that they have found a cost effective way to their e cigarette practices.