Travelling requires a lot of packing, especially if you are a Vaper. Many airports don't allow passengers to bring Vapes and vaping is prohibited. This is why it is necessary to check the airline's regulations and rules beforehand. Most of the airlines have the essential guidelines regarding flying with a Vape available at their websites. Furthermore, you cannot use your Vape inside an airport or at the terminal only specified area if available can be used. In this article, we take a look at a question that is often on the mind of Vapers, i.e., Can you bring your Vape on a plane. Let's take a look at the general guidelines specified by the TSA.

1-  Can you take a Vape on a plane?

Yes, at least in the USA you can. In 2016 the Transport Department placed a ban on bringing Vapes and other e-cig equipment in a checked bag. However, they can be transported in a Carry-On bag. The reason for this was that many incidents were reported of Vapes exploding during transportation which places the lives of passengers at a huge risk. The Transport Minister Mr. Foxx stated that “Banning e-cigarettes from checked bags is a prudent and important safety measure.” (New York times). Vapes, batteries and other equipment should be removed from the bag during check-in. They should be placed in a separate bin so that security could take a look at them. You cannot put your Vapes in the Carry-On compartment as well instead all the Vape equipment must be placed near you.

2-  Can you bring Vape Juice on a plane?

Yes, you can however, there are some conditions. Only 100ml Vape juice bottles are allowed in a Carry-On bag if the quantity exceeds the specified limit. They should be placed in the checked luggage. E-liquids should not be in glass bottles as they might end up breaking, which will result in the juices spilling. You should store your Vape juices in 1-quart sized bags. Also, ensure that your tank and cartridge is empty because the air pressure from the cabin can result in them leaking.

3-  Place your battery in a separate container: -

Vape batteries are made of lithium, which under some conditions such as getting damaged, exposure to high temperature and manufacturing defect can end up becoming fire hazards. It is recommended that you take your batteries out and place them in a separate airtight container. This way they won't come in contact with other things and won’t short circuit. You are only allowed to bring two extra batteries with you they can be either in their original packing or placed in another container. Extra care for your batteries is necessary if you are thinking of flying with a Vape.

An example can be taken of Delta Sky West Flight which was going to New York. During the flight, the batteries overheated, which resulted in a fire breaking out. The crew was able to extinguish the flames, and no one was hurt. However, they had to switch planes which caused a delay of several hours. Another example can be taken off Hawaii Airlines. Captain was forced to make an emergency landing the reason being that a Vape which was illegally placed in the Checked baggage ended up causing a fire. As a result, the fire suppression system was used to get it under control.

4- Vapes cannot be charged on an airplane: -

Even though passengers are allowed to bring their Vape on a plane charging it is a whole other issue. Vapes can quickly end up getting overcharged which carries the risk of them exploding and causing a fire.

5- Vaping on a plane is not allowed: -

The USA Laws state that passengers are not allowed to smoke cigarettes because it causes inconvenience for other passengers and can result in fire alarms being set off. USA government has now prohibited vaping and discreet vaping on a plane as well. Reason for this is that vaping causes the same issues as smoking. Transport Minister Anthony fox stated that “This final rule is important because it protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes that occur when electronic cigarettes are used onboard airplanes” (CBS NEWS). According to the USA Laws, if you are caught vaping on a plane, you will end up getting arrested and can also be fined $4000. The Department of Transportation has further stated that “electronic cigars, pipes, and devices designed to look like everyday products like pens,” ( In other words, all forms of e-cig cannot be used for vaping on a plane.

Some travel tips for Vapers: -

  1. Depending on your country and what flight you take the rules can end up changing. Here is a piece of advice, contact the airline before packing so, that you won't end up facing any problems in the future.

  2. Always remember to disassemble your Vape so, that each part will remain safe.

  3. Keep your batteries away from coins and other things in your bag because contact with other items can end up damaging the batteries which will result in it self-igniting.

  4. Place all of your vaping gear in one location so that in case of any issues you will be able to find it easily.

  5. If possible, remove your batteries from your Vape.

In other words, vaping might seem harmless to vapers; however, to others, it can be harmful. There have been many incidents reported which have placed all airlines on high alert. In one case a co-pilot smoked an e-cigarette in the cockpit and tried to turn off a fan to hide the fact, but instead, he ended up shutting off the air conditioning. This caused the oxygen level to decrease and resulted in an emergency landing. Airlines have now created strict guidelines to stop such events from occurring again. Follow the rules mentioned above and any others the airlines might have specified this will make transporting your electronic cigarettes on an airplane easy, and you can enjoy a hassle-free journey.