The Best Variable Voltage / Wattage Vape Mods List - The Ultimate Guide

Variable voltage/wattage vaping mods are simply battery powered devices whose power output can be regulated through adjustments in voltage and wattage. The devices are designed with special circuits to prevent the user and itself from damages due to unstable power flow. These safety features make these variable voltage mods and variable wattage mods extremely preferable to new vapers who do not have the prior experience or vaping and are more exposed to dangers than experienced vapers.

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Variable wattage mod explained / vv vw mods explained

These devices use a microprocessor to regulate and monitor the power flow and display it on screens. Adding to this, the device may use chargeable or replaceable batteries to gain power. These devices allow the users to customize their vaping experience to their personal likings. For example, high voltage/wattage can be set if the user wants to have a hard smoke or a stronger flavor hit. While low voltage/wattage will do the opposite. Most of these devices have thermal protection feature that provides excellent safety to the user as it automatically turns off the device when the device gets too hot. Furthermore, the devices have sensors like those in mobile phones that prevent the devices from overcharging and damaging themselves and the surroundings. Most of these devices have a screen to view important details about the device’s position at any particular time. The things usually displayed on the screen include voltage settings, wattage settings, battery percentage, temperature details, puff counter, time, duration of the device being on and so on. With the technology developing so quick, there will probably be more things possible in the devices by the time you are reading this.

Some of the best variable voltage/wattage mods are listed below. These are the most efficient and reasonably priced devices you can find in the market. If you are a professional vaper or are considering starting vaping, these devices are must-try for you.

List of variable voltage mods

1. iStick 40W TC MOD by Eleaf

The device has a temperature control device that lets the users to control the temperature and the wattage at which they are smoking. The wattage can go up to 40W. The device comes with a spacious 2600 mAh battery that is big enough to even last you for more than a day. The coils in the device are made of nickel and titanium, giving the users an even better smoking experience. The OLED screen on the device notifies the battery percentage, temperature, wattage, puff timer and many other things. Adding to all this, the device has an outstanding sleek body that is extremely light weighted. It is the best variable voltage mod according to many.

2. Ballistixx 2100 Mod by Vaportech

This is one of the best-selling vape mods in the market. The differentiating factor in this device is its long-lasting battery life. The device has a spacious 2100 mAh high quality polymer battery that can easily last more than a day. The device has a sensor that turns the device off when the voltage goes below 3.2 volts to prolong the battery life efficiently. The device contains three different LEDs that indicate different modes and statuses about the device including the temperature, battery percentage, voltage, puff count and so on.

3. Ballistixx 1300 by Vaportech

It is a small and compact yet a very effective and efficient variable voltage/wattage mod available in the market. It is a must-have for people who want to have a good smoking experience for longer times while carrying a small and compact device. The battery is long-lasting, durable and extremely safe. The mod is available in several colors.

4. Blade Mod by Geekvape

The mod has an amazing battery life and an outstanding smoking experience. The device has an LED screen that shows all the necessary information about the device status that is, its battery percentage, temperature, voltage and so on. The device is available in five different colors: crimson, illusion, matte black, starry night and swift. The device’s adjustable voltage/wattage feature makes it very preferable for new vape users.

5. Captain PD270 Mod with Battery by iJoy

The device has an adjustable voltage/wattage with a maximum wattage output of 234W. The device has some efficient safety features such as the short-circuit protection and the overcurrent protection with the latter protecting the device and the user from extra current inflows and outflows from the device. The device carries a Dual 20700 High-Amp Battery that provides you with enough power to last the entire day. The body of the device is extremely stylish and sleek and the colors available are blue and yellow. Furthermore, the device has a temperature control range of 200F to 600F. The OLED display of the device shows important information about the usage of the device. The information viewed on screen include battery percentage, temperature, voltage, wattage, puff count, time and so on. The device is chargeable through a microUSB port.