best all in one vapes 2019

Vaping culture has been on a rise for the past few years and the popularity of the e-smoking has given rise to the introduction of new mods and new types of vaping devices. All in one (AIO) vaporizers are one of those inventions that has gained the public’s attention. The all in one (AIO) vaporizers are designed in such a way that everything you need to vape efficiently is closely intact. The device is mostly a single piece with the built-in battery, tanks, coils and so on. One of the most common shapes of an AIO vaporizer is a pen shape, however, different shapes are available in the market.

Some of the best all in one (AIO) vaporizers are as follows:

1. Breeze 2 AIO Starter Kit by Aspire

The Breeze 2 AIO starter kit is available in several colors: black, blue, camo, gold, grey, rainbow and red. It is very small, light weighted and easy to carry. Apart from the design and colors, the kit has a 1000mAh battery that allows you to use the vaporizer for long hours and the charge can last for multiple days. It has a 3ml capacity e-juice that can last for a long time and will not even increase the weight or the size of the vaping device. As it is an all in one vape, you do not have to worry about replacing stuff from it; everything is intact.

2. Breeze 650mAh AIO Starter Kit by Aspire

This Breeze 650mAh AIO starter kit is available in two different colors: gold and rainbow. It is a mouth to lung (MTL) device with a battery capacity of 650mAh. Its e liquid is refillable, and you do not have to change the pod every time you run out of the liquid. The kit has a drip tip protective cap that can be attached to the vaporizer’s drip tip any time you are not using the device. The device has a very sleek design, less weight and offers you with great easiness to use and carry around.

3. Cobble AIO Kit by Aspire

A vaporizer kit with a very distinct design, Cobble AIO kit comes in 2 different colors: dark marble and mountain mist. The kit has a distinct shape with a round on one side and straight from the other. It has a cap that can protect the drip tip of your vaporizer when you are not using it. The kit is extremely small and can fit in your pockets easily; therefore, you can carry the device easily without any difficulties. Its lightweight and excellent holding design further ease your concern for carrying the device.

4. eGo AIO Anniversary Edition by Joyetech

The eGo AIO anniversary edition is a pen shaped all in one vaporizer comes in several colors: black, silver, white and four types of mix colors. You can easily carry this device in your pockets due to its lightweight, small size and very slim body; it can even fit in your top pocket of the shirt just like a normal writing pen. It has a spacious battery size that can last several days without requiring you to recharge. The pen shaped vaporizer has everything intact and you will not have to buy anything other than this AIO kit.

5. eGo AIO Starter Kit by Joyetech

The eGo AIO starter kit is available in several colors: silver, crackle A, crackle B, crackle C, brushed bronze, black, white, camo, red/white, brushed gunmetal, wood grain, black and Chinoiserie. The device has a huge 1500 mAh battery that can actually last multiple days. It has a 2ml e-liquid capacity that will not run very quickly. Adding to this, it has a child proof locking system that keeps it protected from children.

6. Nautilus AIO Kit by Aspire

The Nautilus AIO kit is available in purple, blue, jade, silver, black and red colors, this AIO kit has a big 4.5ml juice capacity and a 1000 mAh battery that makes it a powerhouse of a vaporizer. The device has a cap for the drip tip that protects your device’s drip tip while you are not using the device. The kit has a very sleek and beautiful design with a small and light weighted body that allows you to carry the device around easily, even in your pockets.

7. Nord AIO 22 Kit by Smok

The Nord AIO 22 kit is available in red, blue, 7 color, gold, stainless steel and black plating, the kit is made up of stainless steel that makes it very durable and strong. It has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh that can last easily for more than a day. The e-liquid capacity in the device is 3.5ml which is sure to not run out very quickly. Its 1.4Ω coil delivers a very efficient MTL experience to the users. It is small, light weighted and very easy to carry.

8. Nord AIO 19 Kit by Smok

The Nord all in one 19 vaporizer has a 1300 mAh battery capacity and a 2ml juice capacity both of which can last you more than a day or even more easily. The vaporizer has an LED indicator on it so that you can oversee the operations of your device. The 1.4 ohms coil gives the user a great MTL (Mouth to Lung) user experience. Furthermore, talking about the design of the device, it is a small, light weighted and very easy to carry pen shaped device that can easily fit in your pockets. It is available in black plating, blue, gold, 7 color, stainless steel and red colors.

9. Orion DNA Go AIO Pod System by Lost Vape

The powerful and very good looking all in one vaporizer has a big 950 mAh battery that can easily allow you to have 450 puffs per charge. The device features three power outputs: low, medium and high. The device comes with a 3ml juice cartridge that would not get empty very soon. The device offers MTL experience with its specially designed MTL Delrin Drip Tip. The AIO pod has intuitive LED lights to aid you and further enrich your vaping experience. The device is very easy to carry due to being small and light weighted. The Orion DNA go AIO is available in multiple colors.

10. X-Force AIO Starter Kit by Smok

The X-Force AIO Starter kit is available in black, red, white, purple, yellow and blue colors, this AIO kit has a very distinctive and cool looking design. The device comes with a spacious battery and refillable juice cartridge. Furthermore, the design of the device lets the user have a great grip over the device and enriches the vaping experience. Adding to this, it very slim, small and less in weight which makes it easier for it being carried around.