Atomizer vs Clearomizer vs Cartomizer: The Ultimate Guide

Ever since vaping became a trend, vapers all around the world have been flooded with vape accessories and e liquids. This flood comes about as a result of the great profit margin that the market for vapes promises given the great demand in the market. So, then it would not be wrong to say that the demand in the market also paves way for all the innovation that this field enjoys.

If it were not for the innovation in the field, vapes would have come to the same end that cigarettes are approaching, which is one with no improvement whatsoever. This eventually kills off the demand as better new products come in. So, then what would you prefer, a great variety in accessories and the product itself, or the same old boring taste and products?

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Atomizers/Clearomizer/Cartomizer - What are they?

If you are talking about accessories, you must never forget one of the most important accessories on the vape device, which are the inhaling devices. These are the device that actually “atomize” the e-liquid to produce vapors from the liquid. You see, the difference between these devices is not very profound, which is why most inexperienced vapers tend to get confused with these.

However, when it comes to vaping experiences, the most minute of differences can cause the biggest of variations in vaping experiences. So, even if it seems to you that there is not much difference in seemingly similar devices, it does not mean that there is no real change in vaping with that particular device.

Although most vapers understand atomizers and their functions, very few are able to understand the clearomizer vs cartomizer debate. Here are what each of these three can do for you:

1. Atomizer:

This is the name given to one of the first inhalation devices installed on a vape device. Atomizers come in various types such as the RTAs, RDAs and RDTAs and may come in three component or two component variants. An Atomizer has no tank or cartridge if it is an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). Instead, you get to drip your e-liquid directly on a wicking material which is then heated by the e-liquid and vapor is produced. If you use an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) you will get a tank to hold the e-liquid until you vape all of it. However, the tank may be messy due to leakage. If you have an RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer), you will see the features of both an RTA and an RDA mixed together to form an atomizer.

Generally though, the capacity of an atomizer is very small and it does not hold a lot of e-liquid at one instance. However, atomizersare very easy to refill and inexpensive but also means that you get annoyed with all the refilling and have to build an atomizer when you buy it, which can be somewhat complex.

If it comes to comparison between the three types of atomizer, it is known that an RDA is the simplest of all and allows for great vapor production owing do direct contact of the wicking material with the coils. On the other hand, it is also known that RTAs allow a great flavor profile for e liquids with added capacity with a tank but the tank is often known to leak. An RDTA combines both of their features minimizing the demerits and maximizing the merits, however the catch is that an RDTA does not work with every type of vape kit.

2. Clearomizer:

Clearomizers are the most common types of atomizers with the largest e-liquid holding capacity and are therefore often called just tanks. Another great feature of clearomizers is that they allow great flexibility to the vaper in various aspects which is a great attraction for vapers all around the world. The best type of flexibility that they may allow a vaper may be in terms of coil specifications. A clearomizer is available in three different types of coils. A clearomizer also lasts longer than the other two types and also allows you to check how much e-liquid you have left in your tank so you always know when to fill it up.

The key point here is that a clearomizer sort of combines the features of a cartomizer and atomizer. The tank in these devices is often made up of clear glass or sometimes even pyrex. Unlike Atomizers that are often rebuildable, a clearomizer features pre-build coils that are replaceable when they burn out. In a clearomizer, you can go as far as to limit how much e liquid is used up in your vaping sessions and you can even vary the resistance.

One of the biggest advantage of a clearomizer over the other two is that a clearomizer holds way more e liquid than the other two but that also makes it way more difficult to clean.

Now that you are getting some idea about the clearomizer vs cartomizer debate, lets move on to caromizers.

3. Cartomizer:

The main difference between a cartomizer and the other two types is the longer length of the e liquid and a different wicking material which is poly-fill instead of the usual silica. Although a cartomizer holds more e liquid than an atomizer, a clearomizer can still hold greater amount of e liquid than a cartomizer. Cartomizers may be available in dual-coil systems that offer better vaping experience, and hence the dual coil system is the most popular one.

A Cartomizer is rebuildable which is an obvious advantage over a clearomizer while being easy to refill as well. A cartomizer also costs lesser than a clearomizer but more than an atomizer while holding more e liquid than atomizer but lesser than a clearomizer. However, a cartomizer is not always suitable for long vaping sessions and the poly fill may easily burn out. Moreover, the polyfill may also hold some residue e liquid from last vaping sessions and thereby affect the flavor of your current e liquid.