Vape Background

Vaping as an activity has seen a lot of ups and downs, and it was not until 2017, that vapers and the creators of vaping were able to take a break. There had been so many arguments against vaping that surviving the whole ruckus was a challenging task. The negative air surrounding vaping is why despite the idea of electronic cigarettes being coined as early as the early 1920s, it never rose to fame. In the early 90's a few inventors brought the whole idea to the forefront once again, but then due to court litigations and FDA rulings, the invention was shut down. It was not until 2003 that it again gained popularity and companies started investing their interest in it.

Hon Lik

Has Hon Lik, the father of Vapes, and if you are a vaper than you are forever in debt to this man. He was the man who against all the odds in 2003, gave a physical form to the dream that Herbert A Gilbert had dreamt in 1963. E-cigarettes had been patented in 1963, but they could never be built and given the shape that they have now. It was Hon Lik, the pharmacist from China who created the vapes as an essential method to help people combat smoking.

Hon Lik had lost his father to lung cancer, and he wanted to quit smoking, and this is why he came up with this device to combat the chain-smoking issue. It was a safe option where you emitted clouds that were not harmful to you or the person beside you. You could puff healthy clouds and not damage your lungs or the respiratory system. His idea had seemed much inspired by the initial designer, but it was his invention altogether.

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Herbert A Gilbert

He was the first man to come with the concept of e-cigarettes. The cigarettes that he had designed had one issue, their battery power was quite low, and thus the cloud puffs were not being created as beautifully as the lithium-ion batteries did.

The sole reason his idea couldn't get the fame was that people were still a bit wary of new technology and people preferred smoking more!

Vape Design History

The vape that was designed by Herbert Gilbert had a battery, a tank and a reservoir to fill with the liquid. The main issue in his design was the battery's power. The battery was not powerful enough to hold and support the clouds that were to be emitted through the vaping liquid. Hon Lik designed the vape to create clouds of liquids through ultrasound technology, but the vapor clouds that were being produced were too big, and the satisfaction was also very passive. It was then he came up with the idea of using resistance coil heater for better cloud production.

He registered this under his patent in 2003. It reached markets outside of China in 2006. But then some companies made a lot of money after modification to his design. Today the design has evolved to such greater extents that there are LEDs and high powered lithium-ion batteries included in the vaping devices.

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