Best Ways To Make Your 18650 Batteries Last

There are several ways by which you can utilize your lithium-ion batteries to last a little longer before replacing them with the new one. One important thing to note is 18650 batteries are rechargeable. Therefore, you should spend a short time to recharge it to utilize it to the fullest. Some of the ways may seem inconvenient but are worthy to try while some may have a little effect. But doing these will slow down the aging and wearing of your battery.

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1.    Temperature:

It is preferred to keep the batteries in the fridge in cooler places to preserve their battery life. However, using immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator is damaging, cause poor performance and may cause your battery life to decrease.

High temperatures are much more harmful for your battery, as it may cause damaging, fire, and reduced battery life. Therefore, it is essential to use the battery at room temperature only while you can keep it in the fridge to preserve its battery life.

2.    Charging:

Before charging you should ensure that battery is at room temperature instead of being hot or cold. While charging the battery should not be heated, and if it happens, you may unplug the charger to bring back the battery at room temperature.

After the battery is ultimately charged, you should immediately unplug the charger to avoid overcharging. Also, people prefer fast charging to save time, but it is better to do slow charging to ensure the long life of the battery.

3.    Discharging:

The worst thing you can do to your battery is let your batteries go below 25%. Especially, never I repeat NEVER allow your battery to reach 0% charging. And, if accidentally you over discharge your battery you should immediately recharge your battery using the slowest rate your charger support. Partial discharging and charging several times is better for longer battery life than complete discharging all the way down to where mod shows “low battery” and then recharging.

4.    Protect your battery:

Every time you buy batteries, you should also purchase battery boxes or sleeves, wraps, and top insulator rings. If a battery wrap is damaged, replace it immediately along with the insulator ring if it is also destroyed.

5. Use regularly:

It is also recommended to not keep the battery idle for a long time because it will wear the battery and if you are storing it make sure to save it at room temperature and if placing in fridge, you should wrap it in a plastic bag.

The 18650 batteries have integrated BMS (Battery Management System) which helps in maximizing the battery life by adjustment of automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from being over discharged or overcharged. This integrated BMS design allows batteries to be used as a drop-in replacement for any application needing high-quality, reliable and lightweight lithium batteries. Most of the 18650 batteries are capable of reaching 1000+ cycles easily. The lithium-ion 18650 cell chemistry with one of the maximum cycle lives is the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. WW Vape is one platform where you can get the best possible batteries that are original are or premium quality.

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