How to Clean a Vape Device? A Complete Guide

As is the case with every piece of equipment ever, you need to maintain a vape kit to make sure that it keeps functioning as well as it did when it was new. Most people tend to ignore this fact. They will continue to vape until the device completely blows up and then change to a new vape device instead of trying to work on their old vape device. This does nothing except for waste the life of your vape device at the expense of your resources; vape devices are not cheap.

A major part of maintaining your vape device is cleaning it. You will not find it difficult to tell the difference between the vaping experience of a clean vape kit, and a dirty one. You see, the most apparent problem that you will face with a dirty vape device is that you will have a tinge of your old flavors hanging on to your new ones. This can ruin your vaping experience and that is why you should never undermine the value of a clean vape device.

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Given the electronic nature of the device, it is common sense that you cannot just clean everything by soaking it in water, so the very first step in cleaning a vape device is to disassemble it. You practically just cannot clean a vape device without disassembling it.

If you are not vaping for the first time, you will definitely know that you have to clean your tank every time you change your flavor and so you already know that you need to disassemble your device. Once you do disassemble, put your mod to a side because you cannot clean the inside of a mod. The rest of the parts include your drip tip, tank, atomizer, coil, etc.


The next step is simply to soak the components of your vaping device in warm water. You might find it helpful to add a tasteless, odorless, cleaning substance. Instead, you could choose to clean with rubbing alcohol or vodka that will not only ensure thorough cleaning, but also tasteless cleaning.

For now, it is assumed that you have soaked the contents in warm water. Let them stay in the water for some time, before you take them out.


Once the components have been in the water for some time and assuming that you had put in a cleaning solution within the warm water, you need to rinse the components. This will involve not only running them under clean running water, but also a wipe each with a clean cloth. The purpose of using a cloth to dry out everything from inside and out is to make sure that if there is any residual flavor that soaking will not clean, then the cloth will clear it out.


Since coils are not very long-lasting, you should just go ahead and replace them instead of putting in the effort of cleaning them. Also, soaking and rinsing and drying will not work with a coil so just go ahead and replace them.